FA Spotlight - Matt Gunther

Fryeburg Academy senior Matt Gunther played soccer, alpine skied and played Ultimate Frisbee for the Raiders. (JULIAN ZHU PHOTO)

Parent names: “Les and Sandy.”

What town do you live in? “Chatham.”

What sports have you played?

“Soccer, alpine skiing and Ultimate Frisbee.”

How many seasons have you played sports — count this spring!

“Twelve — a sport in each season!”

Favorite candy? “Kit-Kat.”

Hidden talents?

“Musician, artist, surfer and rock climber.”

When you entered high school as a freshmen, what were goals of high school sports?

“To do my best and make my team proud.”

Favorite career athletic moment?

“Winning third place at the WMC for Alpine and winning as a team the WMC Men's Alpine title.”

Favorite senior athlete and why you selected him/her?

“Kyle Mercier as he's a hard worker and such a great person. He always puts others before himself and and is a very caring person.”

What is your legacy to the athletic program at Fryeburg Academy?

“I wanted to work hard and do your best. If at first you don't succeed, try again until you do.”

What were you most looking forward to in your spring sports season?

“Winning. Our whole team was ready to go into the season and work hard to win. We would have too.”

Message to the Class of 2021?

“Don't give up on the things that you love to do.”

Favorite inspirational quote?

“If it doesn't hurt, you're not doing it right.”

What role have your parents played in your athletic career?

“Supporting me on the sidelines and on the bottom of the slope until the very end. They see my determination to improve and they help push me along. I am so grateful to have them as my parents.”

Future plans?

“I’m unsure at the moment. I'm probably going to go to St. Michael's College and figure it out from there. All I know is that I'm going to do what I love and find a way to make money while doing it.”

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