FA Senior Spotlight — Caden Daigle

Fryeburg Academy senior Caden Daigle says his future plans are to “see where my life goes next and hopefully bring my athletic career with me." (JULIAN ZHU PHOTO)

Parent names: “Kathy Daigle and Marc Daigle.”

What town do you live in? “Chatham.”

What sports have you played?

“Soccer and lacrosse."

How many seasons have you played sports — count this spring!

‘Seven seasons at Fryeburg Academy.”

Favorite candy?

“Sour Gummy Worms.”

Hidden talents?

“I can catch anything thrown to me with one hand.”

When you entered high school as a freshmen, what were goals of high school sports?

“I wanted to become the captain on my favorite team.”

Favorite career athletic moment?

“Scoring the game-winning soccer goal against Wells 5-4, then running to my brothers Gaige Daigle and Liam Chisari.”

Favorite senior athlete and why you selected him/her?

“My favorite senior athlete goes out to my co-captain James ‘Hollywood’ Littlefield as well as Charlie Stokes.”

What were you most looking forward to in your spring sports season?

“I was looking forward to finishing high school with my last season of lacrosse with a great new team. One of my favorite sports, it is hard to miss out on the last season of it.”

Message to the Class of 2021?

‘Kick some ass for me next year.”

Favorite inspirational quote?

"It is what it is."

What role have your parents played in your athletic career?

“My parents played a huge role from getting me what I need, to getting me where I need to be. They have been there for me the whole ride. I am infinitely thankful for that.”

Future plans?

“See where my life goes next and hopefully bring my athletic career with me.”

Anything else you want the public to know about you?

“I would just like to finish off by giving a huge thank you to Coach HB, you were the best coach and mentor I could of asked for. What a perfect way we had to end off a great ride and I’ll keep you updated on what happens next. Cheers.”

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