PINKHAM NOTCH — With clouds and drizzle dominating much of the state, runners at this year's Black Fly Trail Run & Relay were blessed with blue skies and a nice breeze on Saturday, June 4 for New Hampshire’s leading trail running event at Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center.

A field of 99 runners took the start in the race that winds its way along the base of Mount Washington on both single-track and carriage roads.

The Black Fly Trail Run & Relay, a race that is “100 percent New Hampshire,” is sponsored by some of the very best that the Granite State has to offer: Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery; Ski the Whites and Run the Whites and their delicious coffee; Fuller's Sugarhouse maple syrup; Badger Balm organic skin care; Mt. Washington Observatory and Seek the Peak; Varsity Beverage and Pepsi Co; and the local Salomon representatives, who were on-site to offer running support and advice.

The course consisted of three distinct loops within the Great Glen Trails system, all starting and finishing at the base lodge, with the final loop including a crossing of the Peabody River. Racers had the option of tackling the entire 10-mile course solo or as a team of three, or opting for a 3-mile race on the first loop.

Local male and female athletes dominated the top spots in the individual 10-mile race. The men’s race was a close contest between Pier Pennoyer and Tristan Williams, with Williams ultimately besting Pennoyer by a mere 3.6 seconds.

Emily Hammel and Kimberly Proulx dominated the women’s individual 10-mile, both ahead of the next finisher by over 10 minutes.

Many racers commented on how much they enjoyed the course, even though several sections of the trail were quite muddy. At one point, Proulx even lost her shoe, but it looked like new after the river crossing.

Jonathan Lyle, 11, tackled the whole 10 miles as an individual runner, and was a clear crowd favorite. Each time he came through the base lodge courtyard spectators cheered him on and made sure he was well hydrated and fueled. Other youngsters, David and Jason Chappell, age 7 and 8, respectively, challenged themselves with the 3-mile course.

After the race, participants and their families were able to soak in the spectacular views of Mt. Washington and Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center all while enjoying live music from the local band Shark Martin. Kimberly Harvey, of Kimberly’s Gluten Free Kitchen, served barbecue lunch to all.

A heartfelt thanks goes to all the volunteers and crew who made the race possible, and to the sponsors, and a congratulations to all the runners.

Women’s individual — 10 mile: Emily Hammell, first in 1:24:11; Kimberly Proulx second, 1:26:06; and Marisa Smith, third, 1:38:01.

Women’s individual — 3 mile: Emily Greenslit, first in 28:47; Danielle Pastuszak, second, 29:39; and Reann Valley, third, 30:31.

Men’s individual — 10 mile: Tristan Williams, first in 1:07:24; Pier Pennoyer, second, 1:07:27; and Charles Denney, third 1:30:41.

Men’s individual — 3 mile: Bryan Reimer, first in 26:25; Nathan Hoffman, second, 28:22; and Scott Varin, third, 28:59.

Teams of three: Between a Walk and a Hard Place, first in 1:22:55; Flanel Fondas, second in 1:23:49; and The Tri-Hards, third 1:24:30.

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