Davis Cup - Netherlands wins

2021 Davis Cup champions are team Netherlands (from left) John Waldie, Mary Johnson, Ed Karish, Diane Thorton, Christian Kryger, Anna Romer, Dave Chaffee and Parker The Great Dane. (COURTESY PHOTO)

BRIDGTON, Maine — The debut of Davis Cup, took place on Saturday, Sept. 4, at Bridgton Highlands. The tournament is a team event categorized by four countries with eight players per country, resulting in a total of 32 players.

Team USA was lead by captain Lynn Fusco, Lebanon by captain Bev Chalmers, Netherlands by captain Anna Romer and Scotland by captain Carol Kelley.

The four teams competed under perfect tennis conditions and the atmosphere was fun with great tennis throughout the day. After six rounds of play, Scotland came in third place, with USA in second and Netherlands as the Davis Cup champion.

The best dressed team was Scotland, which completed their outfits with Scottish kilts.

Bridgton Highlands Tennis Director Justin Chaffee thanked Bridgton Highlands’ superintendent George Thomas, Mike and Lynn Fusco and John and Mikita Orsoz for all their help in assisting to making this a fantastic tournament.

"The tournament stands out from the others because the players not only play for a team, but for their country,” Chaffee said. “We also had music, a barbecue and country-themed attire and flags displayed on the back of each court. It was really cool.”

He added: “This was the first time we held a tournament like this and the players had a great time on and off the court. I think everyone will be looking forward to this tournament every summer. Thank you or all that played and congrats to team Netherlands."

The next tennis tournament at Bridgton Highlands is the Harvest Hills Mixed Doubles. Please contact Chaffee at JustinC1984@gmail.com to sign up.

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