The Badasses from the 'Burg to compete in 2023 Tri for a Cure

The Badasses from the 'Burg (from left) Kelley and Lucy Hodgman-Burns and Mazy Karuzis finished second in the 15th annual Tri for a Cure Triathlon at the Southern Maine Community College last July. The trio plan to compete again this summer and have set a goal of raising $2,100. (COURTESY PHOTO)

FRYEBURG — The Badasses from the 'Burg are back again and hope the community will support this local relay team as it does its part in the battle against cancer

Last July 10, the Badasses from the 'Burg (Mazy Karuzis, Kelley and Lucy Hodgman-Burns) placed second out of the 99 relay teams competing in the 15th annual Tri for a Cure Triathlon at the Southern Maine Community College campus in South Portland, Maine. The event attracted more than 700 women — many of whom are breast cancer survivors.

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Sadly, the "cure" for cancer and every other degenerative disease will never be found in a science lab, or with the annual $60 billion budget currently used by NIH. When society confronts the CAUSE of cancers, auto-immune diseases, heart disease, and all degenerative diseases originating in the gut microbiota, we can use the real prescription to CURE, not treat disease, our fork!

In 2010 the disease diagnosis and treatment, wrongly called healthcare, budget, was around $4.3 TRILLION. That's millions of jobs making that money yet circling the most prevalent and pervasive elephant in the room, a very toxic food and agriculture paradigm at the bottom of it. Americans are not only funding through USDA farm bill subsidies, the system of animal agriculture that IS causing our disease, we then fund NIH to find cures that will NEVER be found because the ONLY CURE for diseases is eliminating CAUSE. How much longer will the health and safety of society be held hostage by undo influence of the industries funding the diet that spawns disease over health? Until people wake up and stop buying it. See What The Health and Forkd Over Knives documentaries. Whole Food as naturally as it comes out of Mother Earth, is the food humans are gifted with. That is our medicine. That is our health.

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