By James Anderson

In reporting Fryeburg Academy sports this spring one thing that comes through clearly is the positive attitude that exists in the coaches and athletes. It must be a consistent point of emphasis among the entire Academy community.

I have observed it first-hand in my attendance at softball games. I am always intrigued when I observe teammates encouraging one another. Skipper Fred Apt and his softball assistant Chris Dutton are at the top of the class. I hear other coaches putting pressure on players when they are in the batter’s box with comments like, “Need a hit here,” “Big spot for you here” and “Only two outs.”

From the Skip, you only hear positive comments that are reassuring. “Good hitter,” or “Just hit it hard somewhere.”

It is said, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” If so. the sky is the limit for Fryeburg softball. Keep up the comfort level and you will get the best out of your team. It works, and it is a great lesson.

They did a study at Stanford University comparing a positive attitude to IQ and how they relate to success. It was discovered that a positive attitude was a greater determiner of success than IQ.

It was also found that a bad attitude full of blame, criticism, gossip and finger-pointing has a way of spreading and inhibiting success.

A sports team is a small community of people that exist for a season, then the athletes go their separate ways when the season ends. The attitude they are led to aspire to often determines their ability to reach their full potential. When that small community is supported by a larger community of positive attitudes like the Fryeburg Academy learning institution and the community fans you have a community of winners.

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