If you believe the rumors and rumblings about them, chances are you are under the impression that all "millennials" are lazy and want the world handed to them. While I do see examples of this behavior (here and there) in this age group, it is certainly not the case for all of them. In fact, there are plenty of people in all age ranges that have this mentality.

The truth is, millennials are a solid part of our economy now and are very likely going to be strutting up your walkway when you put your home on the market.

Today, I'd like to explore a few things you can do to further entice these buyers. The goal is not to completely turn your home upside down just to attract this specific group. We want to simply enhance certain areas of the home that have shown to be of higher priority to the millennial buyer. We are not going after the "goth" market and painting all of your walls and ceilings black. These suggestions are universally beneficial and attractive. Let's roll up our sleeves and get started.

First on the list are the kitchen and bath. It is no secret these two areas of the home are important to any buyer. For your millennial crowd though, these two areas top the list.

The kitchen should be as open as possible to accommodate entertaining friends and family. You can accomplish this by removing that island and even considering opening the top half of a wall to create a bar.

This opens the kitchen experience to the folks in the living/dining area and fosters the conversation during meal prep. The bathroom is a bit more simple in that you just need to ensure you have modern fixtures, faucets, tub and toilet. It's one of my favorite rooms to upgrade since everything is nicely contained and the projects are relatively small.

Technology is important to everyone these days, but no more than the millennial generation. Adding some basics such as smart thermostats and security cameras is a safe move regardless of the buyers. You can take this a step further and create a solid wireless network in the home and at least ensure that connectivity is strong in any room of the home. We have silly-fast internet speeds at the house, but had to take extra steps to stabilize the wireless network. Removing that issue will be a win for you in attracting these uber-connected buyers.

Like technology, energy efficiency is becoming a standard request for most buyers. Of course, this can be pricey when it comes to replacing windows or adding solar panels. Making small changes like upping your attic insulation and swapping out your existing bulbs with LEDs can have a big impact on the energy consumption and certainly score you points with the energy conscious buyers.

"Larger energy saving projects, like solar panels, are great if you are staying in the home long-term and hope to recoup that investment," Badger Realty agent Eileen Difeo said. "But even small steps like new bulbs show you are taking an interest and working towards a cleaner home."

As noted above, kitchens and baths are super important to all buyers. Since we have the luxury of living in a beautiful area and climate, consider the options you have for outdoor cooking.

Spicing up the standard backyard grill, you can incorporate more comfortable seating, covered living areas and even a pizza oven or other cooking features. Entertaining outdoors is a staple of our New England lifestyle and the more you can add this to your backyard, the more attractive your home will be.

Another great spot for a renovation project that is sure to attract this (and other) groups of buyers is the flooring. Most buyers, and millennials in particular, are not looking for additional projects that will have to be completed before they can start enjoying the home.

If your flooring is getting tired, especially the carpets, consider replacing them and even swapping out carpet for hardwood. This update tends to provide a more clean, new look to the room and makes the whole home feel more modern.

Looking above, all of these things are going to be attractive to virtually any buyer that walks through your home. The goal today was simply to highlight a few areas that have proven to entice millennials. All of these renovation/upgrade ideas will add value to your home and increase your enjoyment while you are still living there. Maybe this weekend is the perfect time to kick one off and get started. Happy remodeling.

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