I'm a huge fan of change. You've heard me drone on and on about de-cluttering your home.

One of my motivators for that process is the inevitable change that happens as you start to clean things up. Your spaces become more open. You have less junk lying around collecting dust. And you generally feel better.

The other reason I love change is it livens things up. I enjoy rearranging furniture, painting a room or just moving things around the house (so your roommate stubs his toe while walking back to the kitchen).

It's fun, amusing and keeps things exciting. Let's take a look at some other ways you can keep things fresh in your home and continue loving where you live.

So, the furniture one is still my favorite. We move chairs around our TV room all the time, just to see how it "feels". You can change up an entire room by just getting creative with placement. The best part about this project is it is free.

You can also keep trying new combinations to see what works. Whatever you do, don't listen to anyone who tells you the "right" way to set up your room. Try a bunch of new layouts and stick with your favorite. You might realize you don't need some of the items in the room or you may find a new excuse to hop in the car and go shopping!

Level up your TV room. It's cute when people say they don't watch TV or own a TV. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life. Go find some new friends. We are all loving the invention of the television (and the Internet (Thanks, Al Gore!).

Now, more than ever, we are enjoying the distraction they provide since we're limited on the amount of "real world" activity we get. I've been enjoying a gin and tonic while watching reruns of "Cheers." It's like going to a bar without all the viruses. I recommend grabbing a (big) flat screen TV and having it hung by a professional. You'll appreciate the clearer picture and adding a center channel sound bar will simply change your life.

Another fun and easy project to change things up is to attack one room at a time. Chances are, you have a spare room that you don't use very often. I recommend getting creative and painting this room over the next rainy weekend. You can go nuts with the color if you want because you can always re-paint it. Doing this with a "spare" room means you are not under any deadline.

"I recommend leaving the wall plates removed, the light fixture in the closet and the drop cloths spread all over the floor while you work," Badger Realty agent Kerry MacDougall said.

It's also a great idea to try different colors. Most paint stores will sell you a small sample which you can use to test a couple different colors before you commit to one. You could even paint each wall a different color just to keep it fun.

This next suggestion is the least fun of all, but one of the most rewarding if you're a clean freak like myself. Clean all the stuff you never clean. If you have kids that are old enough to be bribed, start bribing.

Spend a day (or at least a morning) cleaning those things that never get cleaned during the normal cleaning cycle. We're talking about under the beds, couches and kitchen appliances for starters.

Then we can migrate to the ceiling fans, baseboards and even light fixtures. This weekend I attacked our gas grill on the deck. Most of these areas are neglected because they are rarely seen or focused on. You'll be surprised (horrified) at how grimy they get.

We've recommended this one to sellers looking to spruce up their kitchens for the showings but it works for those looking to re-love their homes as well. Paint your kitchen cabinets.

This can be done in the garage or basement so you can take your time. Your cabinets don't "need" doors all the time. You might even love the look and swap out some of your standard doors for glass ones.

This is also a great opportunity to move things around your cabinets (so much easier without doors) to see if you like a different layout. Lastly, you might even find the motivation to clean them while you're in there.

I love my home and love the freedom to get creative and move things around. Free yourself from the rut of leaving things as they've always been and add some spice to your life and home.

You will love the opportunity to clean and freshen up. You will love the new layouts and colors. And you'll be frustrated because you can't remember where you put the small plates and mugs.

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