COVID-19 has transformed the traditional residence into a multi-functional space that serves as an office, gym, bar, restaurant, school, hospital and home. Working and schooling from home have had the most dramatic impact on the notion of home and will undoubtedly impact future new home design.

It is safe to say that most parents and children would prefer traditional in-person learning instead of virtual schooling at home. Similarly, many people who are working from home would rather be at an office. They miss the face-to-face interaction with their coworkers and the quiet space for focused thinking, and most homes do not have the same access to support and technology available in offices.

The immediate impact of COVID-19 on home design is a desire for a larger kitchen for several reasons. Most families cook more at home because they either can't or don't want to dine out.

A recent National Kitchen & Bath Association Design Trends 2021 study found L-shaped designs with large islands that can function as dining tables, desks, and other services are likely to dominate near-term trends. Nearly two-thirds of respondents stated that the most popular layout was the open floor plan involving removing walls to open the kitchen space to other rooms. The most popular design style was contemporary, followed by transitional.

Nearly 70 percent of kitchen renovation projects in 2020 have involved medium-sized spaces between 150 and 300 square feet. White and off white remains the popular kitchen color scheme cited by 47 percent of survey respondents.

Other popular color schemes include beige/bone and blue reported by at least 35 percent of respondents. Lighter colors were also the top choices for countertops and backsplashes, and quartz remains the most popular countertop material.

Painted wood cabinets were the most popular door material, followed by full wood grain. Flat-panel slab is the number one door style for cabinets, followed by recessed panels. Floor to ceiling cabinetry and walk-in pantries tied for the top spot for most popular storage solutions. Deeper and lower cabinets were also popular storage solutions.

As COVID-19 will continue to impact how and why we use our homes, a professional designer can help you and your family design beautiful, healthy and functional spaces.

If you would like to explore how you can improve the living experience for your family, give Country Cabinets, etc. a call at (603-356-5766) or email ( to make an appointment to visit the showroom.

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