A reliable power supply is important to commercial buildings, big houses or any building for that matter. We all have experienced occasional power outages with its terrible inconveniences. Some parts of the world even suffer from regular power blackouts. If the power grid is not able to deliver steady power supply, you must have an alternative-power source to keep your building operations going.

For building owners and administrators, choosing an alternative power supplies is important, but it is not that difficult though. Here are some of the best alternative energy solutions available today.

Solar power

Solar power has already been accepted throughout the world as one of the best alternative-energy sources. In fact, many buildings around the world have already incorporated solar power systems in their operations. Solar power is renewable and as long as the sun exists, there is very little possibility that its capacity to produce energy will dissipate.

This system converts the sun’s energy to direct current. Since we use alternating current in all of our power outlets, this DC is converted to alternating current before it is delivered to the building’s electrical system. This alternative power source is no longer expensive. In fact, with their inexpensive acquisition and installation costs, building owners are able to realize a much faster ROI. Furthermore, solar power can help buildings reduce their operational costs since they are generating their own electricity.

There are many buildings around the world which are now run 100 percent by solar power. Some of these buildings still have their electrical systems connected to the grid because of certain government requirements. And yet, if they choose to, they can run all their building operations solely from their Photo Voltaic systems. Some even have excess power which they sell to the grid and earn money from.

Wind power

Another alternative power source which has gained acceptance in many parts of the world is wind power. In this system, the power or force of the wind is captured by turbines, which is then converted to electricity in much the same way as solar power is. This is practically the same system used to power water pumps on farms. In the past, wind power’s acquisition and installation costs were prohibitive. Thankfully, their costs are now getting to be more affordable.

There are now some commercial grade wind-power systems that are available for buildings, large houses and commercial establishments. These types of systems are usually installed on the rooftops of the building structures. Choosing alternative power supplies such as wind power, the building or house owner or real estate investor can realize tremendous savings since they will no longer pay the grid for its expensive price of electricity. Additionally, they will no longer depend on the grid for their energy needs.

Standby-electric generators

If a building owner doesn’t have the money to invest in solar or wind systems, he should at least have a standby-electric generator. With this generator, his building tenants will be assured of continuous electricity even if the power grid is down. Standby generators are available in various sizes and capacities.

To get the right-sized generator for a building or a house, the owner must take into account all the equipment, such as air conditioning units, lights, pumps, electric motors and so forth, which require electricity inside his building as well as the number of hours they are on, to be able to calculate the right capacity of the generator.

An alternative energy source, whether it is solar, wind, standby generator or others, is truly necessary for an energy-efficient building. Choosing alternative power supplies is therefore imperative for building owners. Their tenants deserve to have uninterrupted workflow. Anything that disrupts their activity is detrimental to their company’s bottom line.

Meggie Nahatakyan is the co-founder of Fennix Digital Marketing Agency.

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