By Ray Gilmore

Meister Co-Coordinator

It was a fast and fun bullet course this week, set by the Cranmore Race Team Head Coach Skip Bartlett.

Ace Tarberry took top honors, clocking a 23.99 on the Meister Course at 11:30 a.m. The Division-1 pack waited until the sun went down, hoping to use the glaze to catch Tarberry, but it was a futile effort. Tim Simoneau was in second and Bond MacGillivray in third.

On the women's side of the race Maggie Flynn held the lead all day with a 25.53, second was Emily Leich with a 26.55, and Jess DiPietro in third with a 26.72.

We had more than 320 racers come through the course this week. The early racers on each course had the advantage of a surface that was firm and fast from the sleet and freezing rain on Tuesday night.

However, if you ran between 20th to 50th on either course, you had to deal with a variable and unpredictable surface, as that firm top coat broke apart. Kennett Middle School coach and Meister crew member Phil Haynes led the charge to provide a clean and safe course, shoveling out ruts and chunks that were chipping away throughout the day. The result was a Yellow Course that continued to get faster; much to the chagrin of those who waited for the New@2 option.

Over on the Comp Slope for The Gibson Cup, we held our first Slalom race of the season. For the Ladies; Maggie Flynn was on top of the podium with 1:11.63; Brie Welch was second and third was Julie Rivers. One the men's side, the top of the results sheet was full of familiar names. Tarberry completed the two-run race with a combined time of 59.64; followed by Alex Leich with a 1:01.72 and Hunter Haynes 1:05.03.

We are hosting another Sunday Meister clinic this week (Jan. 29) from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m., followed by video analysis in Zip's Pub, and another clinic on Tuesday, Jan. 31, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.. Next Wednesday, we will hold race five of the Meister series and we are training Super-G, from the top of the Hurricane. Ben Drummond will have the Rossignol demo van on site for our Meisters to try out different race skis throughout the day.

The following week, on Wednesday, Feb. 8, we will have the Jessie Lyman Downhill, the Gibson Cup Super-G and the mid-season party.

Thank you to all our racers, partners and sponsors including Crest Autoworld, Ski & Snowboard Liquidators and Milford Flooring


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