Do you ever wonder: "What could I do to find even more enjoyment when I ski?" Here are some things you can do, buy, or both that will make this great sport even more fun.

Skiing is an activity that metaphorically is the classic three-legged stool. Fitness (strength, flexibility and endurance), ski skills, and equipment are all components that when added together dictate what you can do on skis. Make an improvement to any of these and you can do more, and have more fun, with your skiing. Whether it is going faster, handling steeps and "hard" snow conditions, carving, bumps, powder skiing, racing — all of these can improve when you make improvements to one or more of the above listed "components." Next question: "What's the quickest way to a better ski day?"

Purchases: ski tune, ski lesson(s), new boots and new skis. In regards to tuning your skis, most expert skiers regularly wax their skis and sharpen their edges. When the snow is firm, they put a fresh edge on after each ski day or two.

Ski lessons are your next best route to more skiing pleasure. There is nothing like a clinic or lesson to find the next "thing to work on" and keep the excitement of skiing fresh. Most skiers are capable of handling trails and conditions that they currently are not comfortable skiing. A lesson can create that capability and confidence. A couple of lessons a year are a great investment in yourself and they'll give you more fun per lift ticket. If it's in the budget, take a private lesson. You will love the return on this investment.

The fitness thing is personal, but just know that there is real payback on many levels for any improvement in your personal fitness. Stay strong and active, and everything's more fun.

There's the recipe. Pick one or more of these ingredients and see what happens to your skiing. Have fun.

John Macdonald is a Level III Certified PSIA Instructor and is a race team coach and trainer at King Pine Ski Area. You can email him questions at


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