"We waited all winter for spring skiing to get here...is it ever going to come?" It has indeed been a long, hard winter...and the recent single digit temperatures hopefully are the last we'll see of the "polar vortex." The good news? There's plenty of cover on all the ski trails and if it ever warms up it's going to be a spring to remember for skiers.

To be ready for spring, head to your favorite ski shop and get a fresh stone grind and wax on your favorite spring skis. The snow has been extremely abrasive this season, and the structure on your bases is likely long gone. If you want those boards to slide when the snow gets wet, you need a fresh structure to maximize your fun in the sun.

Try the hot box wax job. In the old days you had to wax a freshly tuned base over and over again to get the wax loaded into the base material. Wax and scrape, wax and scrape, wax and scrape and so on. Now, for a fee, they'll load your skis up with wax and "cook 'em" for a few hours. Presto...bases loaded with wax when you pick them up.

Try the fat skis in the spring mush and slush. The fat, rockered skis aren't just sweet on powder days they are also the bomb on sloppy, warm and wet snow days. Once you get used to being light on your feet, you can go from arc to arc on top of the snow all day long. It feels like cheating without the guilt.

You certainly deserve some warm day skiing, and it just has to warm up eventually. When those great spring skiing days get here, be ready.

Remember, best advice of all, take a lesson or attend a race clinic. You'll have a great time and improve your time. 

John Macdonald is a Level III Certified PSIA Instructor and is a Race Team Coach at King Pine Ski Area. You can email questions to John at jmacdonald@investorscapital.com.


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