1-14-20 Meisters

Meister racer Carl Iacozili of Nitrous Oxides team smiles before hitting the course at Cranmore Mountain Wednesday. (JAMIE GEMMITI PHOTO)

Week 2 of Cranmore Mountain Meisters started off with another 2 inches of fresh snow on the ground. Mix that with some sun and we had 290 Meisters racing this week.

The Pay2Play option from noon until close was again for the Josh Preece Fund, and we will have a total next week.

The practice course was open this week, which a lot of the Meisters took advantage of. The evening was filled with music from Riley Parkhurst Duo, great food specials and raffle prizes.

It was another great week for the Meisters, we had an amazing surface for racing again this week, and it held up all day (thanks to all the Meisters and the race crew for slipping the course).

Tim Sim held the top spot for most of the day until Richie Scanlon decided to show up at 5:20 p.m. The top three for the men on the alpine side were Richard Scanlon, Tim Simoneau and Trevor Tasker. For the women, Taryn Palmer took it for the women, followed closely by Maddie Glavin (in her first year), then rounding out the women was Kayla Kowal. Paul Robert and Martha Leich won the Tele-Field.

For the snowboarders, Jeff Frechette came late to take the top spot away from Alan Harris. For the women, Cassie Doucet took the top spot this week, and the quote of the day came from Matty Burkett: “I’m in rental boots and jeans.”

The NASTAR course will be up and running this weekend, so Sunday’s clinic will have gates. Also there is another clinic on Tuesday morning for any Meisters who want to get in a few runs. Tyrell, Eddie, Kayla and Brandon have done an amazing job coaching our clinics this season.

Overall, it was another great Wednesday, thanks to my crew and all the groomers and snowmakers for keeping us up and running.

Remember that it is never too late to sign up for Meisters; plus, we drop your two worst scores, so just because you missed Week 1 doesn’t mean that it is too late — for more information, go to meisters@cranmore.com or call Cranmore at (603) 356-5543.

Hopefully, we will see you in the start next week.

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