And checking it twice. Yes, it is that time of year where the anglers among us start to think about the things they are going to need for the 2020 fishing season. No matter what age your angler is, they have made a wish list of items they need, and items they want. What better time to fill out that wish list than the holiday season.

As the owner of the North Country Angler, I get many questions about the “perfect” gift for the angler from the gift giver who may not be very well versed in angling and the related equipment. The answers to some basic questions always act as a guide for gift recommendations. The questions are:

“What fish does your angler like to fish for?”

“What type of fishing does your angler prefer? Pond or river or both?

“What time of year does your angler fish most?”

With the answer to these three questions, we can provide you with a gift that is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. The holiday season is the perfect time to purchase one of those items that an angler doesn’t necessarily think to buy for themselves. A nice catch-and-release net is always a welcome item.

Catch-and-release nets allow the angler to quickly unhook their fish without harming the fishes protective coating. Because the net bag is rubber, this eliminates the chance of hooks becoming intertwined in the net bag.

Sunny Brook Nets out of Thetford Center, Vt., make a beautiful net. The frames are all constructed of beautiful New England hardwoods. Cherry, walnut and maple are just a few of the woods used.

These nets are made to hand down from generation to generation.

If your angler likes to fish in ponds and small lakes, a float tube is just the type of gift that is unexpected.

There are many types of float tubes that are available. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is so true with a float tube. Inexpensive float tubes (under $200) tend to have bladders that wear out after a couple of seasons. Many of the inexpensive float tubes don’t have replacement parts. Spend wisely on a float tube. Your angler will be glad that you did.

The angler never has enough flies or lures. This is the most popular gift for those who want to give a gift that leaves room for other items. Streamers, nymphs, soft hackles and dry flies all fit neatly into a fly box. An angler never has too many flies. We will make up custom assortments for the waters that your angler fishes most often.

Bass, pickerel and pike flies tend to be more expensive than trout flies. If your angler pursues these fish, receiving a nice assortment of these “big fish” flies will be met with exuberance.

The AD’s Better Bait Fish, the Biathlete, the Cheech Leech and the Intruder are all patterns for these fish. Lures for trout, bass and pickerel can also be placed into a handy tackle box for quick trips to the water.

If you are still stumped on what to get your angler, consider a guided trip. A guided trip is the dream of almost any angler. The chance to float a river after big brown trout, wade a stream in pursuit of wild brook trout or float tube a remote mountain pond, are gifts that the angler will remember for a lifetime.

Tip of the Week

Running out of time to get a gift? Gift certificates to your angler’s favorite angling shop can be mailed right up to the final days of the holiday season.

Steve Angers is a native son to the Conway area. He has been consumed by fishing since catching his first wild brook trout at the base of Champney Falls.

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