MADISON — Ledge Pond in Madison is designated by the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game as a trout pond.

For many years, the North Country Angler sent anglers to Ledge Pond for some of the better trout fishing in the Mount Washington Valley.

Those who remember the heydays of Ledge Pond will, I am sure, agree that it was one of the nicest local places to trout fish and had a reputation for bigger trout.

There are several private camps on the pond. These camp owners treasured the trout fishing in Ledge Pond. (In fact, you can always find the best places to fish in a pond by where the camps are located.)

This was your first clue as to where to start fishing Ledge Pond for trout.

Ledge Pond has a deep hole that keeps water temperatures great for trout right through the summer months. Fishing would change from dry flies to sinking lines and streamers, but you could always catch a trout in Ledge Pond as long as you put in the time and the effort.

Since returning to the valley, I have had some nice days trout fishing Ledge Pond. Being only 14 acres, it is an easy pond to float tube.

The path to Ledge Pond is steep; however, you can carry a canoe to the pond. The best trout fishing is in the spring after Fish and Game stocks the pond with brook trout.

The trout fishing stays robust until the temperatures reach 60 degrees and the bass become active.

That’s right, bass.

Somewhere in the recent past, a person took it upon himself to put bass in a designated trout pond. Someone stole a little bit of trout fishing heaven from all of us. It really is a criminal act.

Once the bass become active, it is difficult to keep them off the end of your line. Even when I fish the deep part of the pond, bass usually beat the trout to the fly.

This year, with the stocking of the smaller brook trout, the bass had a field day eating the hatchery trout. The trout fishing in Ledge Pond was over before it even began.

Ledge Pond is a general law pond with a five-trout or 5-pound limit.

I like to fly fish the pond with streamers early in the season. Light Edson Tigers, Harris Specials or Golden Demons will bring many feisty trout to hand.

In the summer, I will take poppers and fish for the bass.

This is a once-a-year excursion, more out of habit and to pay homage to the once good trout fishing.

Bass on a fly rod are fun to angle for, but it just seems out of place to this once great trout fishery.

Should you choose to bass fish here, please consider catching your limit and have a fish fry. Grilled bass and foil pack potatoes make a nice meal.

Ledge Pond has died as favorite trout pond due to the selfish actions of a few. It is certainly a sad day to have lost this once-great trout pond.

To reach Ledge Pond, take the Ledge Pond Road off Route 16 after the Route 113 intersection. Follow the road through the Coleman gravel pit until you see a gate. Take the left right before the gate and then the right fork. This will bring you to a parking area and a trail down to the pond.

Tip of The Week

Please call the Operation Game Thief Hotline at (800) 344-4262 should you see the illegal movement of fish from one water body to another.

Steve Angers is a native son to the Conway area. He has been consumed by fishing since catching his first wild brook trout at the base of Champney Falls.

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