Last week’s Tele-Talk question — “Why do you think so few candidates have come to the valley?” — received 23 responses. Some said there are fewer candidates because other states have become more important and others said the electorate is either too small or does not consist of their preferred voters.

I can count eight Democratic candidates who have been here since February. Some hold big rallies and others seem to just show up and then most of us read about it in the paper the next day. To each their own, I guess. With California moving up in the primary calendar, though, the serious contenders have to spend more time there because of its size and diverse population. It’s the same with South Carolina and Nevada. The Democratic electorate is becoming more and more diverse, and although N.H. will remain the first primary, I’m afraid our influence will wane in the coming decades. Has the president signed Ice Box One? Erik Corbett.

There are quite a few reasons why presidential candidates from the Democratic Party have not come to the valley. First of all, people in the valley own guns, which are used for terrorism. People in the valley own cars, which are used for terrorism. People the valley own pressure-cookers, which are used for terrorism. As far as Duckgate goes for the high school, it wouldn’t have been a problem to just eat the duck, that would have been the way to go. No matter what, it’s quite clear that President Donald Trump will win next year’s primary and the election in 2020, so there’s no point in him coming anyway.

Permit me this observation. The closer one is to Massachusetts, the more one is gullible to the nonsense spewed by the candidates of the new SS party. They are less likely to come to the north woods where people are discerning and less likely to be baffled by B.S. Citizens up north can tell a fake Indian from a real Indian and a fake girl from a real girl. These candidates are afraid they will be told that they cannot deliver on any of their promises. Dressed in their warmest woolens and hovering close to their fireplaces, they waited this past bitter winter for the promised global warming, which never came. Even Pope Al failed to show up. EMLJR, Eaton.

I don’t think the Demo-rat candidates are going come to an area where they beat ducks and where they make bombs in the school. This is the socialist valley of New Hampshire, and I want to thank The Conway Daily Scum for putting in the fall preview supplement because I am going to keep this in my truck and every time I come into a business in the socialist Republic of Mount Washington, if they have an ad in the paper, I am boycotting them just like the hate and the condemnation that the Demo-rats do. Steve Woodcock, thanks for raising taxes, you coward.

Many of the candidates have come “north” to Conway, Ossipee and Wolfeboro. It takes exposure in the whole county to win. One thing I can surmise from recent history is that Democrats don’t come into town with the message of you had better hate “those folks” like Trump does. David Robinson.

It’s so early, and there are so many. Most of them will be gone in the next few months, and then you will have the rest of them crawling all over here. Maria Rea.

I’ve seen the term “under a rock” being thrown around a lot these days, especially on this posting. Curious as I am, I looked into it. Apparently it means “too be oblivious or ignorant to the outside world.” That seems to me like a very over-exaggerated statement. So I managed to find another definition: “The location of worms and bugs.” This makes more sense to me and I assume that is what all of these people are meaning by that. It’s kind of strange that people would constantly say that, but hey, who am I to judge? Grayson Smith.

When they do come they always seem to go to someone’s private home where it’s over-crowded, instead of a hall where everyone can gather and feel more welcome. Lana Roussel Williams.

Why would any presidential candidate care about The Conway Daily Sun? Eugene Guinasso.

Five have showed up? That’s about five more than I would have thought. There isn’t one of those Dems that a sane person would vote for. Save us the propaganda and sale of socialism. Bob Johnson.

I think there’s enough bulls*** that come with the local candidates, we don’t need presidential bullshit in the valley. The candidates for public office even in this town are full of s***. Bob in Conway.

I think that Tele-Talk question should about the kids or the students and the duck issue. They’re getting off way too easy.

Who really cares about the presidential candidates coming to Conway? The issue for Tele-Talk this week should be about the duck killers from Kennett High School. The hell is going on here guys, you got one of your kids on the football team that killed the duck and you don’t want to print it? Paul in Effingham.

I don’t think they care if they get one vote between Pittsburgh and Tilton, all the votes are down in the city from Concord and down through Massachusetts although all the way down. I hate to say this but is there any Democrat out there that doesn’t want to take your hard-earned money and give somebody else?

Because they have nothing to offer the hardworking folk of this Instead of spewing mud from their pie holes, why didn’t they show up this weekend and show us really what they were made of?

Perhaps more candidates aren’t coming to the Conway area because they’re afraid of someday becoming lame ducks and as such getting beat to death by the Conway football team.

Not enough voters compared to the southern region of New Hampshire. Furthermore, I’d love to see Pete Buttigieg debate Donald Trump — he would out Trump for the absolute dunce of a president that he is.

Keep them all out of there; it’s much too beautiful a place to spoil it with politicians. Matt Jodoin.

Want to talk about the duck situation. Could care less right now about any presidential anything. Windy Harper.

Because the stupid dolts who live here are uneducated unsophisticated shmucks.

Because of the poor quality of the press. Craig Perkins.

Because it’s Bernie country? Jesse Mixer.

Because they know Donald Trump has it in the bag. Amanda Viveiros.

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