Last week’s Tele-Talk question — “What can our politicians do to make prescription drugs more affordable?” — received 23 responses. Many said pharmaceutical influence over politicians must stop, while others complained about cost, advertising, revision patenting and corporate greed.


I believe the most important first step that politicians could take that would greatly reduce the cost of prescription drugs would be to stop taking major contributions from the Big Pharma companies. Pharmaceutical companies give hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe even millions to the various different politicians. It’s not just in New Jersey, it’s the politicians all across the country and especially in Washington, D.C. If we want to see drug costs come down, the politicians need to start thinking for the individual citizens and not being paid to keep the costs high by the politicians. There are only four candidates in the Democratic race out of 20 that have made the pledge to not take money from Big Pharma. I think everyone who does take it should be publicized until all of the citizens know that their vote could be going toward somebody who’s keeping her drug cost high. After that I think there are a lot of creative things that they could do, but first of all they need to be serious enough about it to stop taking all that big money from the pharmaceutical companies.


Make pricing mandatory on TV ads for medications. Find out why drugs are so much cheaper in Canada and introduce whatever they do. Make it mandatory for doctors to disclose names of drugs that work similarly to the name brands. I am very satisfied with a generic drug that my doctor prescribed instead of a highly advertised diabetes drug. Problem solved. Ann McGarity.


Lower prices by voting for the Democratic Party, also known today as the socialist party and the communist party. They will tell the pharmaceutical manufacturers that you will not get $1 per pill — you will get one cent per pill. Shortly thereafter the pharmaceutical companies will go out of business, but within three weeks after that in an edict, there will be no more pills available. Since the pharmaceutical companies would not exist anymore, there will be no more medicines. About three weeks after that those people using that particular medicine will all have passed away. But the silver lining is they will at least say that I could afford my medicine at one cent a pill for at least three to four weeks.


Change the policies, they already know what to do, other countries have already done this. Plus, we need to put an end to co-pays, and stop insurance companies from second guessing doctors. No additional authorizations. If you have a prescription, clearly the doctor wants you to have it. Change durable goods to prescriptions so they are easier to get. But we need to end co-pays, they punish lower incomes, it’s absurd that companies have the same deductibles and co-pays no matter if you are the CEO or the clerk. People are healthier when they can see their doctors and afford their medications. Cheri Anderson Sullivan.


If any voter truly believes that any politician from either party has a vested interest in caring for “We The People,” they are delusional. All our politicians take money from the same lobbyists (the pharmaceutical industry being just one of them) and they all enjoy the high life visiting the same banks. They all belong to the same exclusive club that has pledged to tell us all the same lies and tall tales. The majority of the voting public prefers keeping its head buried in the sand rather than really address the reality of our political situation. Politicians could care less about you, period.

Quit making Narcan free and put those tax dollars back into the funds that will support other life necessitated drugs such as EpiPens and insulin. And how about we support drug research as a country and hold CEOs accountable for huge profit bonuses. Drug companies need to do research, but to profit from a drug over and above covering the research is just greed. Kimberly Patterson Callen.


Stop allowing revision patenting where a maker will make a tiny tweak to the drug just before it goes to generic land and re-patent it for years more. This blocks generic alternatives and therefore competition. Brian Gillette.


The only reason medication is so expensive here is because the politicians are hand-in-hand with pharmaceutical companies. End of story. Daniel Chase.


Ever read about large tort cases against drug companies? They just don’t care about human life, corporate profit is what it is about. Quit donating to drug companies for research. I must admit at 70 years old my drug of choice is anything off the shelf for acid relief, I take nothing else. Karen Gardner.


First of all, we have to get rid of the Democrats. Seems like all the Democrats want to do is impeach Donald Trump, keep the borders opens instead of securing our borders so some of these bad drugs don’t get in. But they don’t have time to do anything for the people. All they are busy with is Russia, Russia, Russia, impeach, impeach and impeach. Until we get a new breed of politicians, some Republicans in there, nothing will get done. They’re too busy with Trump.


I think maybe what we should do is elect more Democrats in the state of New Hampshire because look what a great job they’re doing now.

Politicians care about lobbyists more than voters. Politicians and lobbyists are liars and thieves, and every voter is to blame, every enabling voter. You vote, you will allow this to happen to yourself. You are to blame, enabling voter.


Ban all advertising for drug products on TV and in the newspapers. I don’t need to be reminded that some private parts look like a cucumber. All politicians need to forgo any money from the lobbyists in the drug industry.


Insulin and EpiPens free or cheaper and stop providing free Narcan for drug addicts. Deb and Bill Carroll.


If the Democrats would stop lining their pockets with Big Pharma money they can get them to drop prices. Cory Booker taking $100k is one. Bill Belida.


President Donald Trump is seeing if we can buy from Canada. Big Pharma will block it, like they blocked them posting prices for all to see. PJ Michalski.


Stop allowing copyright patents for changing the color of the pill or equally stupid things like that. Christopher Gale.


How about to stop coddling drug addicts and using them as props to win political favor. Dane Wheeler.


Eliminate the FDA. Craig Bona.


Empowering Medicare to negotiate drug prices would be an impressive success.


Canada has universal health-care. Kristen Classen.


Eliminate the corporate greed. Eugene Guinasso.


If you have to ask then … Josh Gadwah.

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