There were 17 responses to this

week’s Tele-Talk question: What are

you doing to keep from going crazy

at home?

Given all the panic-buying and

gluttony taking place at the grocery

stores, leaving the shelves bare at

times, today I’m looking for my old

T-shirt that reads : “I used to be a

people person ... but people ruined

that for me.” I’ll leave it there. Mike

I predict a spike in birthrates

starting in mid-December.

I’m not going crazy. I’m just trying

to fi gure out why people from Massachusetts are up here in this valley,

giving the coronavirus to locals here.

They need to go home. Steve from


I’m doing what I’ve done since

2002, when the blinders came off

and I looked deeply into what animals were and are forced to endure,

against their will, for products at

the root of every disease, every virus,

resource wars and now this. I’m fi rst

and foremost trying to stay healthy,

eating lots of fruits, veggies, whole

foods (I must have some pinot noir)

staying hydrated, positive, and grappling with this existential threat we

created because we refuse to admit

our eating habits are resulting in

tragedy that affects all life on earth.

I’m weeping, writing, advocating,

and mostly praying this profound

wake-up call is seen as a time of

opportunity to rethink, reset, rejuvenate. LBS

I think they should stop people

from crossing state lines. They

should stay in their own state.

I want to thank the CORE Community Fitness for their dedication

and hard work, keeping the gym

open, even though for restricted

hours. So, during this time I’m at

least able to go to the gym on a daily

basis. They’re doing a fantastic job.

I spent the week designing a gate

to put down by the Kanc so that we

can keep the tourists out of here.

It’s bad enough that we have to deal

with them when they’re healthy and

drunk. Now they could be carrying

the virus and they’re still coming.

Whoever’s advertising for them,

please stop.

I will keep in touch with people who

live alone. I’m going to rereadThe

wonderful encouraging column in the

Conway Sun that Frank McCarthy

wrote on Saturday, because he wrote

so encouragingly. I will spend time

in prayer that this terrible virus will

soon be over and people will be back

to work. I am so thankful that we all

have such a strong, caring president

in Donald Trump and his choice of his

health task force who are working so

diligently to help in the crisis. J.

We enjoy listening to political

speeches. Among our favorites are

Elizabeth Warren describing growing up as Pocahontas. Also, Bernard

Sanders explaining the joys of honeymooning in Moscow, of being a

hard-core Communist, yet owning

three mansions, especially the one

on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain.

I am going to do early spring

cleaning, and I’m going to keep in

touch with my kids via telephone.

This is Jean. I’m washing fl oors

with bleach.

Tying fi shing fl ies and drinking


I don’t get to be at home. I get to

work 40-plus hours a week because

other people can’t stay home. Hayley


As someone already compromised immune systems. I am used

to the isolation ... many don’t

understand. Be kind to yourself!

Windy Harper

I had the 2012 strain with pleurisy and those who don’t know what

it is, picture a hot knife stuck in

your lung and getting it twisted. Bill


I don’t want to get the Wuhan

China virus from China. Why did

the Chinese government cover things

up? Scott Beemer Lees

Don’t be a jerk when buying groceries. Don’t hoard essentials when you

don’t need them. If you feel ill, stay

home! And last, but not least, don’t be

a racist. As an Asian American, I’ve

gotten to hear the B.S. lie of the “Chinese Virus” from a bunch of our lovely

narrow-minded residents. It’s not

being PC, it’s called not purposefully

angering your neighbors, and we’ll

remember this. Abram Keitovich

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