There were eight responses to this week’s Tele-Talk question: Should New Hampshire continue to hold the first-in-the-nation presidential primary? Five answers favored the status quo, one was opposed, and others spoke to other issues.

100-year tradition to keep. Awesome. Charles Ramsdell

Can’t they just leave well enough alone? There’s nothing the matter with having us be the first-in-the-nation presidential primary. This is probably just something the hand-selectees are doing, trying to take over everything and make it all about the Democrats.

Of course New Hampshire should continue having the New Hampshire first-in-the- nation primary. Dumb question.

This is Jim in Glen. Fifteen Democrat candidates are featured in Saturday’s Conway Sun. For those that wish to do away with the Electoral College in selecting our president, none of these candidates would ever show their faces in New Hampshire during the election season. They’d be campaigning in urban areas and heavily populated states. Then again, maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Trump 2020.

Hey, Mount Washington Valley: Why don’t you vote for somebody who is true to their oath of working for the people, not against the people; working with and for the Constitution, not against the Constitution. It is not about your party. It is about the taxpayers who pay you. Be true to your oath. Be true to the United States of America, and the people who pay your salary. You are a pathetic bunch. Good luck, New Hampshire.

No, I think New Hampshire shouldn’t continue to be the first primary of the nation. It gets old. The litter on the side of the roads with all the campaign signs. TV ads are relentless. It gets really, really old. I’m sick of it. Let someone else do it for a change. However, I’m gonna pull for crazy Bernie because he gave me the most part of this week. He kept his promise, unlike sleepy Joe. The Powder Slasher.

Yes, New Hampshire should continue to hold the first-in-the-nation primary, because it affords me the opportunity to meet people who are not normally in my circle of friends. For instance, I have never met before a communist, a particularly wealthy communist, who owns three multimillion-dollar homes. Also, I have not met a Socialist. I’ve never known a Socialist. But I’ve met the Pocahontas. And she is the first Socialist that I’ve ever met. And then, of course, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a crime family, the Biden family, and then of course, the rest of the misfits on the Democratic ticket were always, always interesting to meet. So to sum up, I get to meet people from walks of life that I would never, ever otherwise have the opportunity to meet.

Absolutely, we ought to be the first in something. New Hampshire’s taxes and the ways they go about things is a little rough to take sometimes, when you’re on disability, like myself, and we ought to put Bernie in as president. This is Rocky from North Conway.

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