Last week’s Tele-Talk question — “Have changes in food vendors at Fryeburg Fair affected your favorite fair foods?” — received 13 responses. Many said they welcome new additional food vendors while some were not impressed with some food trucks and other merchandise vendors.


I loved the local food trucks supporting small business from the region. Would love to see more locally sourced foods being served in the future. Nickie Sekera.


It’s always sad to see things you love go away, but then that opens the door for new things to come to enjoy. Taco del Seoul and Mainely Meatballs are wonderful additions. And if any of my favorites go away, I will always have those food baby memories to think back on. Ashley Jean Kerr.


I don’t like the food trucks at Fryeburg fair this year. I’ve been going to the fair for about 25 years — I love Stan’s French Fries and I love just fried dough.


I think more food choices are great. Now if they could find some more quality, crafty vendors instead of literally the repeat, crappy stuff being sold in 12 different tents, year after year. Andrea Burroughs Elliott.


At the Fryeburg Fair I had to walk around a long time to find a corn dog which I was craving. My husband loved the smoked ribs he got. I know there were a few rib places but this one was right near the first grandstand and he thought it was so delicious.


Really hasn’t changed who I go to for a food vendor. But what I did get a chuckle out of, it was good to see Cheese Louise actually have to pay to set up and sell stuff instead of sucking off the town of Conway.


I love the addition of the food trucks, most especially Coppa Magica Gelato authentic Italian gelato, that melts in your mouth. Michelle Meltzer.


Worth the wait. Tripp Farm! Taco del Seoul! Julie Brooks-Ontengco.

When I started reading the title I was hoping it was about the price spike this year. Almost every stall that I saw was went up in price a lot. Christopher Gale.


Fishin ships. Wow. Worth the wait BBQ. Hannah Babineau.


It’s a hell of a lot better than the vulgar political displays that seem to have flourished this year. Rich Collins.


There’s no shortage of yummy junk food to pig out on after smoking all that legal Maine cannabis.


Fair food? Great stuff. Although some of it is so fatty you might as well just open an artery and shove it in. Mike.

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