This week’s Tele-Talk question: “What do you think can be done to end systemic racism in America?” received 35 responses. Solutions offered included better education, getting to know each other as people and holding police more accountable.

Turn off your television.

Whites created and profit from this system; we must take on an active role in dismantling it.

People all over the planet are working on breaking down systemic racism in this country. It’s level-headed people that will accomplish this by voting. And on the local level, I think it’s important not to call someone like Tom McLaughlin or William Marvel, a conservative. They are fringe lunatics.

My heart goes out for everybody involved in this terrible thing that happened. But I also feel as though black people put themselves in situations. Why do they have to constantly call themselves African-American? I’m of German background, I didn’t call myself a German-American or an Irish-American or Italian-American. I am an American. Why would they have to throw that right down and say, “I’m African-American?” It already alienates them from the country.

This is Jim in Glen. Great question. We will never legislate racism or hate out of our culture. What can we do? That’s easy. Let’s pray for God’s help in loving one another. Let’s fill our churches on Sundays instead of the soccer field. Let’s get the 10 Commandments back up in our schools. Thank you. God bless.

Wow. What really needs to happen is all lives matter.

I am so sick of your paper and all this racism stuff. Why don’t you just change the name of your paper to the Communist Sun?

Systemic racism is the new buzzword giving more groups victim status. That young man down in Albany was required by law to respond to the police. He created that situation by refusing to roll down his window and interact with the police. What is causing the police brutality is not entirely racism. It’s a police culture of intimidation and bullying. This isn’t systemic racism, this is out of control police backed up by a government telling them to use force to maintain their control over the people. What is truly scary is the militarization of civilian police, how quickly the federal government had numerous paramilitary troops in the streets, and Trump is just the icing on the cake for all this chaos. Good luck. This is Michael from Barlett.

There is no “systemic racism” in America. That concept is simply more black supremacist propaganda. Besides affirmative action programs, which are discrimination against whites enshrined in law, there is only racism in individual Americans of all colors, including but not limited to whites and blacks, acting upon their bigotry in whatever capacity they find themselves at the time. That will never be eradicated completely because, as the great civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, we humans all have the equal capacity both to greatness and evil. The best thing that we all can do is to personally support holding all racists in this country equally accountable and to ensure that we ourselves always act justly. Jim Pietrangelo, North Conway

Vote for Joe Biden. Mike

Racism is a variant of deeper diseased behaviors learned long before humans set about enslaving and exploiting other humans. A world at war with nature, animals, heralding some God-given claim that the life of this earth belongs to human beings to do with as we see fit, will always, as it has, garner violence and inhumanity to animals AND humans. Laura Slitt

If you want to end systemic racism, you first as a white person have to admit it exists. Then you have to vote. That is the only way you can get the frightened, angry, white men out of office. The white race is so afraid of losing their majority status, they will say and do anything to stay in office. We need term limits now. This is Paul from Conway.

Institutional racism (also known as systemic racism) is a form of racism expressed in the practice of social and political institutions. It is reflected in disparities regarding wealth, income, criminal justice, employment, housing, health care, political power and education, among other factors. Diana Soucy

Stop watching and reading the news. Talk to each other. Identify as “human” first and foremost. Paul Gallant

Thank God I don’t live there anymore. Elizabeth Garland

A bunch of nitwits from out of town protesting and littering our town! Get out of Conway. There’s already enough brainwashed liberals that think defunding police departments is a good idea. You know you live in a brainwashed society when white people are protesting against white people for being white people. Rich Hurd

Get rid of qualified immunity. Make them have to think about the decisions they’re making. Tiera Colette Ferreira

Police departments must stop using lethal means to detain/arrest suspects, especially for non-violent misdemeanors. But it has to start in schools, and in the earliest grades possible. Jen Bella

How about the black on black murder rate? Chicago last weekend? 14,000 black babies aborted last year. All the white guys’ fault? Or is it really something else? Scott Beemer Lees

Turn off the news! MJ O’Neill

Things like this might help: 1. Increase minimum wage and foster more opportunities to make a decent living and most likely reductions in welfare, homelessness and private prison spending. 2. Police in more racially diverse and populated areas seem to be more fearful than those here in the MWV. 3. I have not heard much about community policing in the last few years. Has this effort been co-opted by the rough ‘em up guy? 4. Spend some time and get to know your neighbors/community better. There are great people on both sides of the street. David Robinson

There is no systemic racism. Racists, yes. Rotten cops, yes. In our most liberal cities, you will find the most crime, the most dangerous protesters, why can’t they do anything meaningful for the most disadvantaged? Defund police and the situation will be worse! Stop the protesting ... you have been out spreading COVID, and who will suffer? I don’t know one person who isn’t sickened by George Floyd’s murder! The fact so many feel the same way and those who came out in protest show it is not systemic. Lauren Parker Peck

We have crime statistics and we record the race of those involved. Let the economists analyze them, perform regression analysis and tell us what is really happening. A black economist at liberal Harvard University set to do just this, and found to his surprise that systemic racism does not exist in the police force. Black Lives Matter was founded on a lie, and they persist in pushing that lie. Michael Brown never put his hands up and said don’t shoot. We knew that two days after his shooting, but liberals pretend we never found that out. Ronald Sarro

Educate yourself on what the Black Lives Matter organization is trying to accomplish, Also, amplify black voices and believe black people. And lastly, understand that a huge majority of Americans are disturbingly desensitized to the harsh reality of how severely awful and detrimental physical and social/institutional violence is. Isabelle Boyd

Mark Twain wrote: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.” I could not agree more. My travels opened my eyes to a diverse, beautiful world that you never see when you isolate yourself in one area. It also helped me develop compassion for others and an appreciation for the unique differences of various ethnic backgrounds. That’s why my advice to high school seniors is to always travel. It’s the best form of education, and it helps prevent the development of narrow-minded views, such as those of hate-filled racists. Kurt Erickson

All current officers need a course in humanity and proper and safe apprehension. White people need to know we ARE “white-privileged” citizens. Most of us are not in fear of the law and being profiled immediately when we walk or drive anywhere. So stop taking offense when you hear someone say this. It does not mean we are rich or well off compared to dark skinned people. Change needs to happen with everyone. The sooner, the better! Tammie Savini

Signs you might be passively racist: 1. If you claim to mourn the murder of George Floyd while simultaneously showing more outrage for the loss of material things. 2. If you are using MLK quotes to allude to the idea that he changed the world solely through peaceful protest. 3. If you have found yourself using anything similar to the phrase “violence never solved anything.” 4. If you have ever made reference to #BlueLivesMatter and/or #AllLivesMatter. 5. If you were outraged that Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem in peaceful protest against police brutality. 6. And if you’ve found yourself saying, “I can’t be silent anymore” — please please please ask yourself why you’ve made the decision to EVER be silent about the mistreatment or murder of an innocent person. Ras Yello

Ending racism altogether would take a few generations because, first, we need more adults teaching their kids how to treat people as individuals, not segregate them to groups like race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, etc. To have empathy and consideration and the like. Those kids grow up to bring up their own children the same way, and so on. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop it today or by next year. We as individuals need to make the difference today so that it may influence the next generation. Todd Geer

Racism is so deeply ingrained in the United States that ending it must be deliberate, constant and truthful. Some ways to begin to end it are: 1. Think before you speak. Words can hurt whether you mean them to or not. 2. Don’t tell or laugh at stereotypical jokes. Tell the person telling the “joke” that you don’t find it funny but hurtful. 3. Demand that real American history be taught in school. Don’t gloss over slavery, Jim Crow, the fight for voting rights, etc. 4. Learn about other people and their culture but go beyond foods and festivals. Nancy Frawley Marquis

Stop pushing the narrative that Americans are systemically racist would be a good start. Daniel Blake

White people need to realize that they have for 400 years gained personally, socially and financially from black and brown people. White people need to elevate and truly listen to black voices. Black lives are more important than white feelings. Have uncomfortable conversations with your white friends. Don’t expect black people to educate you. Call out your own white privilege. Jesse, Fryeburg, Maine

As Sixties firebrand H. Rap Brown said, “Violence is as American as cherry pie.”

To end it, white Americans must finally take a hard look at themselves. For decades, white Americans raged and protested against apartheid South Africa while making conscious decisions to ignore the racist hypocrisies in their own front yards. Start practicing what you preach and start cleaning up your own house, which is a disgrace.

Local folks should all gather in their Sunday best at the Conway Police Station and join hands forming a huge circle and move in a circular motion while belting out a Hungarian version of “Kumbaya.” When finished, we skip all the way home!

Stop printing essays from local racist columnists. By continuing to publish opinion articles like last Thursday’s Tom McLaughlin essay, The Conway Daily Sun is contributing to the current system of embedded racism. Mr. McLaughlin is entitled to his opinions, but The Conway Daily Sun does not have to give him a platform to spread his predictably biased views. Please help bring our community together by promoting compassion, empathy and respect for others.

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This bumper sticker says it all :

"Equal Rights For Others Does Not Mean Fewer Rights For You."


Self Loathing Guilty White Liberals.

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