This week’s Tele-Talk question: “What advice do you have for the Class of 2020 graduating in the “new normal” world?” received 20 responses.

You’ve got to plan really hard for your future. You may not have any future when it comes to Social Security, Medicare insurance, stuff like that, if you don't pay attention to what's happening right now in your lives. I realize your retirement is a long ways away but as it's going right now, you will never have any unless you do something about the political situation that is going on in the world today, so pay very close attention to what’s going on if you want a future. Because right now even being a millionaire is a poor person, and by the time you’re retirement age, you will never have enough money to buy bread. This is Center Conway calling.

Turn off your television. All lives matter. Politics divide. Speak and believe from your heart.

Over the years, I have had a habit when falling asleep. I call it dreamy mind thinking. Pick a question in any area that needs a positive solution or improvement. It is fun with your mind and you will always be entertained. Catherine Tremble, Conway.

Pay attention to how your government is being run at this time in history. The future does not look very good for you people, so pay very close attention to what's going on. We do not want to live in a dictatorship. Conway.

The best piece of advice that could go to these graduating seniors is that all lives matter.

This is Jim in Glen. Be thankful for all your blessings. Be hopeful for a fulfilling and peaceful life. Be prayerful for the well-being of others.

My message to the graduating class is that all lives matter.

My advice to the seniors is don't accept the new norm. Don't let anyone else think for you. We live in a free country. So don't let them take your freedoms away.

Students who take the time to step off the school treadmill and learn about themselves outperform their peers in school and life. College is also not equipped for distant learning as the value of a four-year college is 80 percent social/20 percent class. Gap! Gap! Gap! Take it semester by semester.

All the giggles and grins afforded to you by family and friends these days will quickly fade. The applause will be silenced, and you will become just another face in the sea of humanity. FEAR IT!

I'm 78 years old. Been through a lot, and I’d like to say, this is the most messed up I've ever seen this world. My granddaddy used to say, all lives matter.

Don't feel like you have to figure everything out in your late teens and 20s. Enjoy learning and growing and be patient with yourself. “Success” is arbitrary, and you have more time than you think to figure out what that means to you. Carol A. Frost

Don't listen to the New Normal Crap they are feeding you. Dane Wheeler

Enjoy your time before your next step, you’ll never have a chance at no responsibility again! Take the early class, study in peace. Experience life but not at the cost of your character and integrity, those are far more important than any experience. Lastly, call or visit home whenever possible. Mom and Dad love you more than you know — well, until you become them. Congratulations on your graduation. Mike Leach

Say “yes” to as many opportunities as you can. Be gentle with yourself and others and the planet. Trust your gut. Don’t be shy about expressing the way you feel. Take breaks. Never stop learning. Change your plans or your mind if you feel called to do so. Say thank you, and always consider other people’s perspectives, no matter how tough that can be at times. Tee Elizabeth

“New” and “Normal” don’t belong in the same sentence. Ben Cargill

When it's once again safe, go do some traveling. Get out of the valley and explore the U.S. and other countries. There is no better education than experiencing first-hand the diverse people and places on this planet. It opens your eyes and your mind, and it changes your perspective on life. Kurt Erickson

Read the book “The Millionaire Next Door” while you're still young and able to do something about it. Ronald Sarro

Escape the MWV now that you can. It's a trap! Mike Fairbanks

New normal? Do yourselves a favor, re-educate yourselves on U.S. history. Apparently our school systems have failed. If you think these people ripping down monuments and memorials had a good education, you are wrong. They are ignorant! Do yourselves and our country a favor and learn what REALLY happened in history. Oh and read the U.S. Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights every day! Shauna Henry

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