This week’s Tele-Talk question: “How do you think this summer tourist season in the valley will compare to past seasons?” received 22 responses.

I’m concerned about how the second wave will happen because of tourism. Our rural hospital is not equipped to deal with that nor is our community. Robin Ignatowski Bennett

I think lots of people will still come, but I am afraid they will not be happy with the limits set up in ALL areas. Lisa DuFault

Fairly decent I would say. With places like Story Land having such reduced numbers ... they will suffer. Plenty of outside activities here. Lauren Parker Peck

There will and is gonna be a lot of people here!!! We will see no differences! At least I haven’t! This summer is going to be very busy. Christina Grames

The valley depends on tourism. We just have to hope that folks are courteous to the residents and the residents are tolerant of the tourists. It’s 50/50. Wear your mask not only for yourself but for the person in front of you. I would like to be optimistic; however, unfortunately these days all common sense and courtesy seems to have flown away. Madeleine DeSilva

Take vitamin D, work out and eat better. Or stay home. They are coming. Joe Martin

It would be great if the tourists (and locals) would wear masks. If the workers have to, so should the customers. I think it will be interesting to see what happens. I hope the hoax folks, the health freedom people and those that think wearing a mask infringes on their civil liberties are right! Jesse Mixer

Didn’t think they stopped coming, to be honest. Crystal Bell

It was quiet. Less traffic on 16 and 302. No Conway Village traffic jams. But now Hannaford lines to check out end at the meats display. Still can’t find Lysol Wipes or good paper towels. Now it’s really going to be hard to find anything. I don’t watch the news anymore; can’t believe 75 percent of what they tell us. Really tough living in a Bluehead State. Bill Belida

Wear a mask, wash your hands, stay away from people. Best of luck all y’all deciding to be the guinea pigs. And one other thing, if by wearing a mask I can prevent someone from becoming sick or dying, versus the incredibly mild inconvenience of wearing a mask for nothing, where do your morals really lie? Abram Keitovich

Tourists should be banned. Jillian Sanborn

We have a lot of retirees living here. Be careful. Susan Fortier

Spending my time and money elsewhere. PJ Michalski

Terrorist season!!! What’s the bag limit!? It’s just a joke people! Rick Hurd

I think our tourist season will be down a bit. But I think everyone is definitely ready to learn to coexist with COVID and get their little normal feedback going again and learn to still live, even though that thought looms in the background. We got to keep on living. Unless you want to just stay home please do so. But let those of us that are moving forward, move forward with precautions and common sense. I embrace the tourist season. That’s what this valley is built on. It’s our bread and butter. If you don’t want to be part of it, stay home.

It should be fine. Massachusetts people never went home. They practice cleaned out and thinking if they wore masks, everything would be OK. The way stores and restaurants are closing, it might be a ghost town for future generations. How sad.

I think the season will be very bad this year. Month after month, visitors from Massachusetts were told to stay home. If we did show up, we were harassed. We got the message. We’re not staying home. But neither are we coming to the valley this year for sure. JB

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo nailed it with this observation: “What happens to you depends upon what you do.” Mike

About half.

Since Aunt Nellie and her three 9-year-olds (yes, triplets) will not be visiting this summer, we will be free of a three-week period of constant three meals a day, non-stop activities, the endless telling of lies, etc. It will be a summer of pure freedom and joy. Oh, I’m sorry. I thought we were talking about ME!

The longer the restrictions are in place, the more businesses will go belly up. Especially those that were struggling before the pandemic hit. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. Happy summah everyone.

Here is a response based on scientific thought and reason. Open up the schools and economy. Sever the ignorant doubt in your heart with knowledge. Let the people make their decisions regarding their own safe health needs. Summer tourist season is here in full capacity and just as busy as ever!!!! Lady Unladylike Tamworth

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