Citing positively trending data on COVID-19, Gov. Chris Sununu on Thursday said it was time for New Hampshire to flex open and announced that domestic travel rules would be immediately relaxed, retail stores can operate at 100 percent capacity and karaoke, pool and darts can resume in restaurants and bars. Restrictions are also being relaxed for barber shops, salons, overnight and day camps, and hotels and lodging establishments.Ten percent of eligible people in the state have been fully vaccinated (20 percent have received one shot) Numbers of cases and hospitalizations from COVID-19 are decreasing but 13 people died from the disease over the past week.

This week’s Tele-Talk question: Is it too early to relax COVID-19 restrictions for travel and business?

Call (603) 733-5822 Saturday and Sunday and leave your comments on our machine. You may email your responses to Comments can also be posted on The Conway Daily Sun’s Facebook page. Results will be published Tuesday.

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Way too early to relax business and travel restrictions; much safer for the Gov't to keep us all locked up and separated while families, schools & the economy fall apart . Let's just wait around for the next Washington "handout" until we all are "socialized" and on equal ground. Do away with Capitalism and freedom that has been our motto for the last 200+ years, and turn ourselves over to big Government to spoon feed us what they think we need- Good Grief!

andre comeau

Over the past year there have been news stories of goverment officals telling people to stay home and yet they travel to vacations and dining in restauents and hair appointments. If something is good for one person, it is therefore good for another person. The old saying is "If it's good for the goose it's good for the gander." Drop restrictions. Andre Comeau Conway

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