To the editor:

I am a little confused. If all of the secretaries of state in all of the states and territories and even Trump's own hand-picked Attorney General William Barr say that the recent election was the safest, cleanest and with the least fraud in recorded history, why do so many Republican states and politicians feel that they have to enact stricter voting laws?

It can't be for fraud. Everyone, including the secretaries of state in Texas and Georgia, two of the hot beds for this "reform," say there was no fraud.

The Republican politicos in half these states won. And they did not win by fraud. Multiple audits in Windham, N.H. and the whole state of Arizona have come up with nothing, even no bamboo in the ballots.

So why the stricter laws? Is it because these Republicans feel they cannot win fairly in future elections unless they make it harder for mostly Democrats to vote? Elucidate me.

Walter Davis

North Conway

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The same reason they impeached Trump . Nobody knows? By the way the GOP has already been removed from power and don't imply the lords name in vain. He is a republican in good standing



Please elucidate to us what "restrictions" you believe are being instituted. Because voter ID/verification is hardly suppression.


They’re too GD ignorant and corrupt to attract quality candidates so are hedging their bets and hoping no one notices. Do nothing GOP will be removed from power eventually.


Their taking lessons from the democrats.

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