To the editor:

An Oct. 4 letter by Joseph Dorsett said “whistleblowers are nothing more than vindictive people with an ax to grind; they have no substance or character.” I disagree. 

If something happens at your workplace that is detrimental, hazardous or offensive to a co-worker or the job as a whole, I assume it is a requirement to point this out. Then the problem can be fixed or improved to eliminate the issue.

What we have here with the person occupying the White House is that he has personally asked a foreign government, or more as the news comes out, to get involved in the United States’ electoral process. This is a treasonable act according to the U.S. Constitution.

The whistleblower may not like Donald Trump but he is pointing out something he did and admitted. That is harmful to our way of life and to the government. Just as the CIA finds extremists who were casing public facilities for a terrorist attack, this whistleblower was trying to stop a treasonable offense.

This was to prevent the shredding of the Constitution by the president, not the Democrats. Plus, it also seems more and more Republicans are hopping on the impeachment board as more information comes out.

Walter Davis

North Conway

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