To the editor:

I have a question for all those who are anti-mask. If masks trap dangerous or obnoxious gases, why does a person who farts (passes gas for the hoity toity) not have ever expanding clothes, like a balloon?

Aren't the obnoxious gases trapped in the two layers of cloth as in a mask? Scientists have determined that the two layers of cloth, pants and underwear (one layer if you go commando) do not keep the gases in check. Ask anyone who has ridden in a closed elevator after an unexpected gas attack.

I feel that if the masks do trap gases it is because you are wearing a rubber mask. Get a cloth mask.

Just asking.

Walter Davis

North Conway

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Gregory Wallace

That works in both directions. If you are wearing a mask and someone "Lets loose" yes you can smell it. Any mask short of a respirator will let in any odor. Tiny droplets from a sneeze yes. The virus still can get through especially as you touch the mask when you revove it to eat, drink or BREATH!

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