To the editor:

On Tuesday, there was a letter doubting the mental capacity of President Joe Biden. I submit to you a little picture of the former occupant of the Whiter House. In an interview with conservative host Hugh Hewitt, “45” was asked about a former exchange he had with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, a member of the Taliban, concerning Afghanistan. It starts off poorly and goes downhill.

Hewitt: What did you communicate to Baradar, Mullah Baradar, Abdul Baradar who you talked to when you spoke to him? What did you tell him?

Trump: So I set up a conversation with him, and people said oh, you shouldn’t be talking. Well, I set up a conversation with Kim Jong Un of North Korea. We didn’t have a nuclear war. Had I not, then Obama would have been right. We would have had a nuclear war. President Obama said to me we’re going to have a nuclear war with North Korea. I said have you ever spoken to him. He said no. And I said don’t you think that might be a good idea? But anyway, I know he wanted to speak to him, but he never got to speak to him, and I think the other side didn’t want to talk to Obama. So what happened is I spoke to the head of the, the known head, because it’s...

Hewitt: Yeah, Baradar, right? Baradar.

The rest of the 45-minute ramble is found at with the downward slide starting at about 6:30 into the interview. No focus and rambling, I worry about his mental faculties.

And people want to have him return as president? Biden is trying to float the boat Trump sank in the previous four years. It ain’t easy.

Walter Davis

North Conway

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"Biden is trying to float the boat Trump sank in the previous four years."

In keeping with your metaphor; Biden is the Captain of the Titanic, steering straight for the icebergs and refusing to change course. And while he is at it, he's releasing the lifeboats before anyone is in them.

If you think 'Ole Joe has been anything other than disastrous, you are delusional and willfully lying to yourself.

The fiasco in Afghanistan is just the latest in the long list of spectacularly, misguided, incompetent Executive "leadership" decisions that are destroying the Country.

It's time for you to shed your TDS blindness and start seeing the ugly truth about President Biden and what the new Socialist-Democrat Party are doing to this Country.

Unless of course, you like the direction Captain Joe is steering the ship.

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