To the editor:

In the recent opinion piece by former state representative Frank McCarthy, he brings up a few interesting points.

First, he said that Democrats “according to their party’s ideology, philosophy and creed.” Aren’t voters supposed to vote by these? Does this mean the Democrats vote by seeing what the people they are voting for positions and plans? I hope so.

So let’s take the case of the Republicans in Keene this year. A new name popped up on the ballot for the county sheriff in the Republican column. This person won the vote 4,211-351 over the next Republican opponent.

Come to find out this person, by the name of Aria DiMezzo, is a self-proclaimed trans-sexual anarchist and the founder of the Reformed Satanic Church. She ran as a Republican because in the previous election she ran under the Libertarian party and did poorly. I believe the Cheshire County Republicans (or Mr. McCarthy or Mr. Tom McLaughlin) would never have voted for Ms. DiMezzo if they had done even the least investigating.

Now they may have an anarchist who wants to let Cheshire County’s non-violent criminals go free. So go ahead and just check the Republican box at the top of the ballot.

And speaking of cognitive abilities, White House staff is worried about President Donald Trump. And now Trump has infected Secret Service agents, the whole military Cabinet, possibly his wife, members of his press corps, his helicopter pilot, with COVID-19. He signed blank papers in the hospital. I could go on. Is this the sign of someone with all their faculties?

Please vote in November — Republicans, on the 4th.

Walter Davis

North Conway

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So good. Thanks.


tRump does not in any way represent the true decency of the Republican Party or most Americans. Make America Kind Again Republicans, and vote this corrupt, cheating, traitorous, deranged lunatic out on November 3rd. Then lock him up!

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