To the editor:

I find the back and forth letters to the editor mostly informative, sometimes hilarious but often sad as they can be hateful and vindictive.

I have added quite a number of name calling and insulting words to my vocabulary, which, as a former middle school science teacher, is quite the feat.

One of the more informative letters was printed on Nov. 11 from Michael DiGregorio. He writes, “Republicans believe in personal responsibility which includes the sovereignty of their own body. This is the most basic and fundamental right and freedom, and we support candidates with the same beliefs.”

I am registered as an Independent but am now quite thrilled to know the Republican party supports, "my body, my choice" pro-choice candidates and LBGQT+ rights.

Seems paradoxical that the government can regulate what women do with the sovereignty of their own body, and yet 'want the government to stay out of that decision' in other matters.

My friends, who were killed when they contracted COVID from another human, had a right to life, too. Under this premise, I'm ready to get involved to take back our country.

Teri Cosentino


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Achsel Stinsenson

It may well not be easy, but it is her decision, and her decision alone, not anyone else's.



The only flaw in your argument is that when a woman is pregnant she isn't just responsible for her own body. There is also another growing body within her womb that must be considered in the equation.

At least that's what science tells us...

Not so easy when you look at it that way, is it?

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