To the editor:

The COVID virus is still causing infections and fear among our citizens. The data suggests an easing during February, but there is still a portion of our population — the stupid, stubborn and sociopathic — who refuse vaccination. About 80 percent of the current patients hospitalized with covid symptoms are the unvaccinated! I have trouble understanding ther refusal-some are clearly not stupid.

The only historical precedent for this refusing population is based on religion. During the Dark Ages' plagues, people assumed God was punishing them for their sins, so they hustled to pray where the crowd caused infection to soar. Most people, during this time, were illiterate, and in their weekly attendance at church the priest gave them his "take" on the weekly happenings.

Today we have many independent outlets for the news, but my guess is that the unvaccinated depend mainly on Fox News and the internet where they are fed items based on their previous views. Fox has chosen a business model that gives them an almost exclusive conservative audience and lets the other news sources fight among themselves for market share. People want to hear from other people that agree with them.

Current news trends remind me of my early attendance at churches and affiliated schools in Canada. In particular, I questioned the story of the three Wise Men who, after seeing a star over Bethlehem, journeyed to see the new Savior and bring Him gifts of gold frankincense and muir. I always wondered what happened to these valuable gifts as Jesus was always portrayed as poor, and why the three Wise Men never visited again to check on the Savior! When I asked the teacher about this behavior, she explained, "We never thought about it." This caused me to start developing other sources for information.

Presently, our news sources are covering Omicron and the swelling number of cases, but most scientists are looking beyond the present to the next variant of COVID that may be the one that is more lethal, and spreads even faster than Omicron.

It could be happening now among the great populations of Africa or Asia where the vaccination rates are very low. If detected early we may be able to counter its spread with a new vaccine.

Meanwhile, the truly sociopathic are tying up our hospitals and causing deaths among people waiting for treatment for heart problems and other potentially deadly conditions.

Susan Rheault

North Conway

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Susan, I'm so sorry you are so ignorant. To rail against the unvaccinated as you do is simply gross. Most of the folks dying are obese. Do you wish to shame the obese? Not only are they making up the lions-share of deaths, they also are a drain on our healthcare system when there is not a pandemic. So we should be calling out the fat folks regularly. Are they not as dumb as the unvaxxed? Can't they see what they are doing? Or are they exercising their freedom to fill their pieholes? And how about them folks who smoke? Yup, they are stupid also, right? Where is your righteous indignation? They die off more quickly with COVID, vaxxed or no. And when there is no COVID, they cost society in healthcare expenditures. Shame on them. See how this works Susan? You should stay home, get boosted again when you can and stop shaming from your ivory tower.


The unvaccinated and jellyfish have one thing in common. They don't have a brain.

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