To the editor:

In Tuesday’s paper there were many similar answers to the question of support for hospitals dropping the mask mandate. Many said that the size of the virus was much smaller than the porous holes in the mask, which is true, but like many faux facts it is misleading. (I’m assuming these are FOX News devotees).

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Scott Shallcross

Masks do work if worn properly. The CDC never said otherwise. Studies have been widely misinterpreted and results taken out of context. Interventions only work if adhered to by an educated public.


Bizarre to say the least. Clueless to say the most. Your own CDC said masks did not work. Step away from the bong


Actually, you're repeating a right-wing lie Dongolfs. The CDC said cloth masks weren't as effective as N95's, but any mask was better than no mask. They never said they don't work, or that they are worthless, as many right-wing media sources claimed, then repeated until uninformed people believed them, which is their standard practice. Stop falling for it.

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