To the editor:

Gov. Chris Sununu has once again refused to give low wage earners in New Hampshire a raise. In 2019, before the coronavirus hit, Sununu vetoed a bill to raise our minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $12 over some years. Now, he has done it again.

He suggests his veto means to help small businesses and entry level workers during the pandemic. That is insulting to our intelligence, Governor. If a business cannot pay $12 per hour, it should not continue. Our low wage earners need this raise to survive even more during our present crisis. New Hampshire is the only New England state that does not have a minimum wage above the insultingly low federal mandate, and I am ashamed of that.

We are also the only New England state without a mandatory mask order. Our ineffective governor who has already shown he does not care at all for the economic health of this state by keeping wages low, now tries to tell us every community is allowed to declare their own mask ordinance.

Nonsense, that just brings chaos. He makes all of us who clamor for safety measures take the daily bullying from those who stupidly refuse to wear a mask. We need a governor who will unite us, not foment more division and violence, just as the White House has done for four years. Governor, you are getting good advice repeatedly from the New Hampshire Science and Public Health Task Force. Listen to the scientists. Listen to the rest of us who crave a leader to help us be safer, not more at risk from disease and division.

Our present governor has a mania for vetos. If you make less than $15 per hour, you (and the rest of the state) better get out and vote for someone who cares about you.

Susan Raymond


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You state that “If a business cannot pay $12 per hour, it should not continue.”

And just how do you come by this conclusion? Where did you study economics or business? How do you think free enterprise markets work? Have you ever heard of, The Law of Supply and Demand? Have you ever tried to start a business? Have you ever employed anyone?

Most small businesses are lucky if they turn a profit in their first 3-5 years, if at all. Many small business owners don’t even collect a salary until they can meet their overhead/operating costs. That includes paying their employees first.

If you studied economics you would understand that artificially driving up wages leads to artificially driving up the cost of goods and services. In reality, you don’t accomplish a thing other than cause inflation, which drives down the worth of your dollars.

You also state, “Our low wage earners need this raise to survive even more during our present crisis.”

What does one thing have to do with the other? What is the connection to the Pandemic and a minimum wage? This is a complete non-squitter. You shouldn’t try to confuse people with an illogical argument or use a crisis to justify a poorly constructed opinion.

If you aren’t happy with how much you can earn working for someone else, you are free to start your own business, take all the risks associated with starting that business. Then you can pay your employees higher than minimum wage if you like, and make as much as possible, as long as you can satisfy your customers, and have them continue to seek your services.


Good luck finding anyone who is able to survive on the NH minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.


And that's why it is called a minimum wage. It's where you start, entry-level, no experience, first job. You earn more as you become worth more as by being experienced, talented, showing value in your contribution. And if you think you can do better than you are free to go and find someone who will pay you more or go someplace where you can make more. It's called motivation and hard work.

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