To the editor:

New Hampshire needs to do a better job in promoting its tourist economy in the North Country and well beyond.

With the recent decline and fall of the wood biomass industry, the state’s tourist economy now moves to the centerstage in maintaining local economic conditions and needed jobs. The state tourist economy could be much more than it is.

But New Hampshire just isn’t doing enough to promote tourism and the reason for this isn’t necessarily money.

Tourism promotion is a big field and marketing and brand campaigns require capital, lots of it. Glossy ad buys and supporting brochures are outrageously expensive, but how many low cost, well planned and viral social media initiatives have produced real results — especially if the product is good?

The answer to this question is why the New Hampshire tourist economy could be so much more than it is and why it isn’t.

Steven Connolly


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i love going for drives to the "North Country". Most of the leaf peepers and other tourists don't make it any farther than Jackson on 16 or the AMC/Bretton woods on 302. They are missing out on the great little center in Bethlehem (Lonesome Woods, Maia Papaya and Rek-Lis are great!). Heading up 16 there are great little sights such as the baby flume and Dixville Notch. I tell people if they're feeling adventurous to go look for bigfoot over on the 45th parallel in Clarksville. So many places that the tourists are missing out on.

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