To the editor:

I’m ashamed to be an American these days.

As we all know, Donald Trump was impeached in the House but now will be acquitted in the Senate, which makes me sick. This trial was a joke. The Republican Party failed the American people.

Seventy-five percent of Americans wanted to see witnesses in this trial. Fifty percent of registered Republicans wanted to see witnesses.

What is wrong with the Republican Party? Oh, I know: They are cowards, all except two Republicans.

Trump and the Republican Party basically set the stage for future presidents, Democratic or Republican, to get away with anything they desire. This is not what the Founding Fathers wanted. From day one, Trump has gone against the Constitution and is getting away with everything he has done. If Trump is re-elected for another four years, this once wonderful, beautiful country will be even more divided than it is now.

I am asking my fellow Americans to vote for anyone but Trump in this upcoming election for president and vote for Democrats for Senate and Congress.

Let us make our country come back together and take care of our climate and our veterans, etc.

Steve Webster


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Vote Blue no matter who!

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