To the editor:

In response to Michael DiGregorio’s letter (Dec. 26):

To have everyone walk away from the Democratic Party is just dumb! What the president of the United States did was just flat-out wrong.

You do not ask a foreign country and hold military aid to investigate a political rival for your benefit in an upcoming election.

He abused that office on multiple occasions and was impeached for that and also the abuse of Congress, where he had his staff ignore the subpoenas from the House.

The Washington Post has the count right on his lying.

Actually, on average, he is lying 22 times a day. Donald Trump knew about the Russian interference.

He asked on TV to have the Russians do this. The president said on national television, “Russia, if you are listening.”

The Democrats are doing their job on impeaching the president, and the Republicans are too scared to stand up to Trump. As you stated, people honestly can say this is not justice for the president; well, you are wrong. Mr. DiGregorio, this president needs to be removed from office. He is a racist, he only cares about himself and he has divided this country!

Mr. DiGregorio, how can you support a president who is committing crimes on a daily basis, going against the Constitution on a daily basis? I take it Mr. DiGregorio likes the fact that Donald Trump is trying to become a dictator, just like his buddies over in Russia and North Korea.

I don’t know how anyone can support a president who is a racist, goes against the constitution and uses the office of president to abuse the power and lies on a daily basis. I just don’t understand why people support him.

I know I don’t.

Steve Webster


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get a clue, democrats in congress are crooks , and what about the video of Joe Biden admitting of his own corruption , where is the investigation of him ?

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