To the editor:

Putting a roundabout on a state highway is a bad idea. I just finished reading the article about how the town is considering either putting in a roundabout or a traffic light at Route 302 and East Conway Road.

I do agree that something needs to be done at that intersection. It’s way overdue and something should have been done right after that terrible accident that killed two people.

Putting a roundabout there will cause more problems just like the roundabouts on the North South Road. People who travel through the roundabouts don’t follow the yield signs. They don’t stop at all and you cannot tell which way a vehicle is going to go because they don’t use blinkers.

There should be a traffic light at the intersection of Route 302 and East Conway Road. t would be a better option than a roundabout. I just don’t understand why the town has waited this long to discuss this issue. The town should have acted immediately after that horrible accident.

This needs to be done now instead of two to three years down the road. If the town waits to do something about it there will be more accidents and possibly more deaths at that intersection. Look how quickly Ossipee did something after the accident that took a young lady’s life.

Steve Webster


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