To the editor:

2022 is going to be the year of broken promises. Midterm elections are upon us, and it will be the same old song and dance from both the left and the right. Unfortunately, we aren’t going to see much in the way of other options.

The keys to the kingdom will not change hands. We as Americans are in need of real change. What is the alternative? Perhaps raising our standards, a little bit. Maybe we can finally see that this country is in need of a complete do-over.

As young as this country, we have a long way to go before we are over at the top. Right now, we have those on the left who refuse to take charge. Letter-writer Bill Scott of La Canada Flintridge, Calif., is just one of many who have faith in the system.

We’ll vote for the man who gathers the parties and takes them out to sea — to dump in the ocean where the rest of the garbage goes, while the others stand in their red and blue party pride shirts.

If you are one of those who has faith in the current system, you’re not only delusional, but you’re also a threat to our democracy. Your lack of effort and levels of compliance are what brought America to its knees in the first place. Shame on you.

You should not only be embarrassed, but you should also try making a real difference. We have a man in office who can’t get anything done. He was elected via protest vote. Good work! You voted for someone because you didn’t like mean tweets. Outstanding. Then the opposition arises, and you cry? Pitch a fit? Do better. We have higher expectations for real Americans. For human beings in general.

Sid Jones

North Conway

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Spot on Sid. I never complied, I never will.

Do we really care about the future of our children, our families?

Then maybe we should consider fixing the money, because it is the foundation of our society's value transfer mechanism. And the dollar has been printed into worthlessness. The money is broken, as is the antique corrupted system that supports it.

It's time for people to take the time to learn about Bitcoin and the Lightning network. It's time to learn how to hold your own keys, run your own bitcoin node, be your own bank.

Fix the money, fix the world.

Until then, we have nothing to build on.

Matt Scott, Effingham

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