To the editor:

I was just reading today's Conway Daily Sun, with my usual amusement and enjoyment of the local news when I noticed the map of North Conway on Page 14a with a yellow box on “how to avoid the back-up getting into North Conway Village.”

I suddenly became apoplectic. Whose bright idea was this anyway? You are clearly an imbecile! I live off of Hurricane Mountain Road, and over the past couple of years, the traffic on Hurricane Mountain, Intervale Cross and Kearsarge Roads have become increasingly more congested with short-cut traffic.

These roads were not designed for high traffic volume. It is definitely no longer safe to even walk along that road, let alone ride a bike! It is almost too dangerous to even drive a car on these roads. The speed limit is 35 mph, and almost every time I drive on Hurricane Mountain Road or Kearsarge Road, the cars are easily going an average of 50 mph. I have never seen the police monitoring the speed on Hurricane and very infrequently monitoring Kearsarge, and that is well-known by the locals.

These residential areas were once peaceful and safe to ride a bike or walk on, for the most part. Now it is turning into a short-cut free-for-all, not only just for the locals but now for the visitors.

I for one am sick of it! It is one thing for the local residents, who know how to get around and use these short cuts. It seems like quite another thing to broadcast in the Daily Sun how to get around the traffic for visitors as well. We already have a valley-wide traffic issue. Broadcasting how to navigate around the traffic by passing through already congested residential areas is of no help to the people living off of these roads.

This is an ignorant and not very well-thought-out attempt to alleviate traffic congestion going into the village and is certainly not a solution either. Whoever had the bright idea to post this in the paper, THANKS A LOT! Either you didn’t think this through very well and are not very bright or you don’t really care about the impact on the locals who live off these roads.

Perhaps we should put up a toll plaza at the mouth of these roads to combat the fallout of your ignorance!

Sarah Mallett


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When i was younger and was only able to visit the North Conway area i had no idea about these shortcuts. It wasn't until I had a GPS unit in my car for the first time that took me to Hurricane mountain road and North south road. What a godsend! no longer having to spend 45 minutes going from Storyland to North Conway!!

So you can't just blame the newspaper. The information has been everywhere for some time. I won't tell anyone else though, the secret is safe with me.

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