To the editor:

Under the guise of less government we stand to lose much. I am deeply concerned about the trend by many of our politicians to push towards privatization of industries and services here in New Hampshire.

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Department of Education, April 2023:

-Eighth graders had the lowest U.S. history scores on record in 2022 and among the lowest civics scores.

-The data shows that the last few years have erased the progress made since the 1990s on eighth-grade students’ knowledge of history and civics.

-Only about 13% of eighth graders met proficiency standards for U.S. History last year.

-Only 1% of students rated as advanced in U.S. history.

-Only about 1/5th of students were proficient or better in civics.

-Four in ten eighth graders scored below basic in history, and 31% scored below basic in civics.

-Eighth graders got an average history score of 258 out of 500.

Our teachers are civil servants who are employed by the tax-paying parents that fund teachers’ salaries and school budgets. They are bound by a curriculum with certain requirements and standards that the taxpaying public has every expectation will be met and even exceeded. So, what would your remedy be when the Public Schools are failing to deliver these most basic measures of performance and expectations?

Seems to me that alternate, proven methods aren’t that much of an ask. Neither is a remittance of funds for services not rendered.

By the way, on average, private school and homeschool students are currently outperforming public schools in every measurable metric.

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