To the editor:

Steve Angers states in his "North Country Angling" column that the state's Fish and Game Department's mission is to "conserve, manage and protect fish and game resources and their habitats." That statement is inaccurate. F&G's website states that its mission is to serve "as the guardian of the state's fish, wildlife and marine resources."

The key difference in these two statements is that game is replaced by wildlife, and aquatic species are extended to include marine resources, not just fish. In the past, F&G has been viewed largely as servant to hunters, trappers and fisherpeople. No longer. It represents all of us who care about the state's wildlife.

You must have noticed that there are no more game wardens, right? They are now conservation officers. They are responsible for enforcing the laws and rules established for conserving all of N.H.'s natural wildlife.

It is unfortunate that the Legislature has been negligent in not renaming the department to accurately reflect its mission. I wrote to the new executive director of F&G when he was first appointed several months ago but received no reply. I am sure he had his hands full in taking over the department, so I am not being critical.

I encourage you to contact your legislators, requesting them to submit a bill for changing the department's name.

Roderick Forsman


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