To the editor:

In his June 4 letter, Mr. Doucette made a statement the the United States does not belong to me.

No where in my letter of May 31, did I claim ownership of such. What I did write is that as people leave the state of Massachusetts to escape the tax and spend mentality, they need to leave that thought process at the border.

You also state I have a lack of understanding. And question what the state of Florida thought of my moving here. As a fiscal conservative Republican I can assure you I was welcomed with open arms. I understand debt. I have none. I own my home outright, as well as my car, my boat and most importantly, my golf clubs.

It has been reported that north of 900 people a day are moving to Florida. A recent survey indicates a vast majority are Republicans from New York and California. Both states with out of control spending and debt and extreme government control of everyday life.

I won't mention the governors of both states problems at this point. The United States Constitution wasn't written to take of people from cradle to grave. It was written to prevent from what is happening today caused by the Democratic party.

Rick Conte

Holiday Fla.

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Gregory Wallace

Rick, yes on everything you said and then some. I escaped from taxachusettes 30 years ago and returned to my family's native N.H. In Mass as a small business owner I learned to hate the mass dept of revenue admin, the governors "Rolling road blocks." the Mass State police "Corruption" and worse of all the dreaded R.M.V. officers and M.V. auto excise tax. If you ever operated trucks in Mass you know what I mean. People from such states are indeed coming here and will indeed try to destroy the very reason they came. Believe me I speak up to them when ever I can and I am not always polite.

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