To the editor:

In response to Mr. Webster's letter:

I disagree — the president will not be impeached and will be re-elected in 2020.

Democrats have accomplished NOTHING in Congress except obstruct, resist and spread hatred and division. They continue their obsessed hatred for what I and many others consider the best president this country has seen in over 50 years. Democrats spent over $40 million in taxpayers' money on the Russian collusion farce, which found nothing.

The truth will come out as AG William Barr will prove the president's innocence. It seems the Democrats want to blame all of their crimes on the president. The Democratic Party are the ones that tried to fix the election and paid for the "fake Russian dossier." But the hate-driven Democrats tried to blame it on Donald Trump. Even Bernie would not get in Hillary's way in the primary!

And what about the open borders the Dems support, allowing these foreigners to vote in our elections? Is that not foreign interference in our electoral process? And then there's the Ukraine Biden scandal — blame it on the president. Ridiculous. Again, Dems blaming Biden's (then VP) actions on President Trump. The VP was videoed boasting how HE threatened the Ukrainian president to withhold millions of dollars from their government if he did not get the prosecutor that was closing in on his son removed from the case.

Here is something to ponder:

Some of President Trump's accomplishments, booming economy, tax cuts for business and middle class, lowest employment in 50 years, fair trade deals, strong military, more blacks/Hispanics working than ever before, got North Korea to the table, decmiated ISIS and took out their leader.

I could go on, but I won't.

This is my humble opinion. TRUMP 2020!

Richard Rolando


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