To the editor:

I really must respond to Stephan Losshut of Glen Head, N.Y.

What he and many others from out of state cannot seem to grasp is the idea of staying at home. Despite being ordered by their governors, they continue to defy that order.

And then when the legal residents of this town speak up they get the “we spend money here so keep quiet and be grateful” spiel. This isn’t about money. It’s about the lives of the people in this valley, something much more important than money.

These stay at home orders help keep the spread of COVID-19 down and it’s sheer selfishness to put others at risk. This pandemic can have dire and deadly consequences. I have no doubt that Mr. Losshut is well aware that his own state unfortunately has the highest number of cases and deaths in the country with New Jersey and Massachusetts after that. We just don’t want our state needlessly exposed to this. How can that be so hard to understand?

At this point, offending the tourists is the least of my concerns.

Rebecca DeWitt


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Hello, WE ARE legal residents. We pay taxes. We are at our 2nd home, which we used to hope would soon be our primary residence, almost as much as we are at our primary home. YOU can safely 'social distance' from us, just as your neighbor. Your neighbor is as likely to give you the virus as we are. If we are masked and not within six feet of you, what is your concern? Are you really that afraid? If so, stay in YOUR HOME. I have a right to enjoy my home(s) wherever they are. I would say something more strongly but it wouldn't get printed but suffice it to say, take care of your person and I'll take care of mine.

Nurse Faye

I have witnessed first hand the consideration that out of stater's have for NH residents. They have none. I live close to a campground. On normal circumstances they do not respect the residents; leaving trash along sides of the roads, tearing up private residence and state trails (which are closed), harassing our animals, speeding passed residents homes without consideration of children and pets, etc. Now, during a pandemic with stay at home orders they are returning to their "vacation spots" acting as if they don't have a care in the world. They refuse to stay home, refuse to self quarantine, refuse to bring their own necessities to NH, and worse of all...refuse to wear a mask or follow the safe space recommendations from the CDC. These people are acting as if they are on vacation. No respect, and our governor has allowed this to happen. We will be the next "hot spot'


Right on point Rebecca! I applaud you.


We are from MA and own vacation property in the Valley. We have seen many comments like these over the past couple of months. We get it and we respect what you are saying. We have stayed away. We have not been to our home in NH since early March. I am concerned that when we do come to NH, we will not be welcomed and could even possibly be harassed. You will see our MA plates but you won't know where in MA we are coming from. We do not live in a "hotspot". We have stayed home, we have been wearing our masks long before it was required. But you won't know that. You might also be a bit concerned about your fellow NH residents coming up from Rockingham and Hillsborough counties. Lots of cases there but you will not know or judge those NH plates. Please don't judge us. We are all going through this together. We are looking forward to enjoying our home again in the beautiful WMV that we love so much.


It really does sound like you get it, but not everyone seems to share your thoughts on this. Good people like you are the type of people we welcome into our valley. For the first time in the 41 years I've lived here, I drove threw North Conway on a Friday night and I was the only one out. Not one person in sight, and then they put the stay at home order' into effect and all of a sudden it picked up again, which is not the outcome I expected during a world state of emergency. People don't take this seriously enough and those are the people who may make it hard for good people like you. As with anywhere, you get a few bad apples but for the most part, the people in the valley know a good soul when they see one, and will welcome you back to our town along with anyone else who respects the place and people where we have spent our whole lives.

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