To the editor:

So, I keep hearing talk from the top down to every right-leaning parrot in the jungle about how unsolicited mail-in balloting is “fraught with problems.”

Yet, I’ve not seen a scintilla of factual evidence in any federal election to support this claim, especially with regard to the claim of “massive widespread fraud.”

Can anyone demonstrate factually where this out-of-control fraud is occurring? I mean, how can there be widespread fraud when the proactive ballots being sent by 10 states to about 44 million registered voters are just now being mailed and those received have not been counted? I think it was Mark Twain who is quoted as saying “that doesn’t even make good nonsense.” Voter suppression, now that qualifies as fraud and we already know how the administration is working to cripple the USPS. But I digress.

Benjamin Hovland, commissioner of the independent, bipartisan U.S. Election Assistance Commission, told Reuters news agency recently that states sending ballots proactively are doing so as the result of state-legislated policy decisions, adding that, “those states have implemented security measures on their respective mail-in processes.”

For the remaining states not sending out proactive ballots, Hovland noted, “votes still require an affirmative request from the voter.” The millions of voters in these states would have to actively solicit or request a ballot.”

So, come on, Polly, tell us where you’re hiding the crackers.

Randy Hilman


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Some of the comments are offered by some pretty Pollys, indeed. Isn't it ironic that every example offered as proof of widespread voter fraud, even if true, involve cases where every perp has been caught or is under investigation. You can only have voter fraud if no one is wise to it. You can only have voter fraud if so-called harvested ballots are not cross referenced with registrations and domiciles. You can't have widespread voter fraud if perpetrators are caught. Thousands of ballots this election will be rejected because of simple mistakes, like not signing the affidavits. This is not the first election in which proactive mailing of ballots has occurred. Only 10 states currently practice it and have for some time. Just because one desperate president sees the issue as a way to undermine public confidence in our electoral process, doesn't make it so. If anything, based on blondie's track record of lying, it probably ain't so. The writer's assertion remains valid: Polly's hiding the crackers.


I believe FBI Director Wray who testified to Congress that the agency has not historically seen "any kind of coordinated national fraud effort in a major election."

Regardless, how about the FBI arresting six members of a militia group, today, for plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and overthrow the government?

Remember during the first debate when Trump told a militia group to "stand back and stand by." He incites violence with statements like that. And how about Trump blaming Gold Star families, today, for giving him the virus? I'm sure that accusation went over well with the US military. He continues to kill his chances of being reelected.

We'll see.

Sally Wally

New York and New Jersey just had thousands of lost/misplaced ballots. Ohmar, in the state of Minn. is being investigated for ballot harvesting. Dead people have been sent ballots. If my wife and I receive ballots in the mail, who is to stop me from filling hers out? With 'motor voter' laws, illegal aliens have been enrolled to vote and they receive mail ballots. We could go on but you will believe what you wish. in a close election, even a few thousand fraud votes could cost the election. It has been reported that Hillary blew her chance by only 16,000 ballots in a swing state.

Gregory Wallace

Read article dated sept 29 2020 about project Veritas investigation which clearly shows voter fraud and Omar is heavily involved. The commissioner who did the investigation for Trump was not an outsider and did not strain himself in any way in order to find a problem with a voting security system that would have made him self look bad if he had. This is like the police investigating themselves. Trump is working on getting an OUTSIDER like Veritas to do a proper investigation.

Gregory Wallace

Randy should look to prove voter fraud cannot and does not happen. He won't because he embraces the idea. He knows it's real. Make sure he looks into dead people voting and the vote harvesting going on among the Somalian community who were caught red handed buying votes and PAID for them on camera. There is more and it is not hard to find. Obviously those who are against preventing illegal voting have an interest. If they manage to get their candidates elected who normally could not then they get to rule and they would with an iron fist. Once they did get in they would never leave even if they obviously lost like in Venezuela. Randy and his Marxist friends have an agenda and it isn't in anyone's interest but their own. You don't want to be on the receiving end of that.


Read this online article(Aug 26,2020): "Trump-appointed elections commissioner says 'no real evidence' of president's claims about voter fraud"

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