To the editor:

Watching simple minds wrap their heads around complex problems is usually entertaining, and sometimes terrifying.

Witness the Eaton Posse's very own, Mr. Eugene Long, try to convince himself by trying to convince greater minds around him that somehow George Floyd murdered himself, and all of this was related to Planned Parenthood.

Now, all of us have that one special ageing uncle, so we'll forgive Eugene, though we also caution that maybe he should no longer be allowed to carry firearms inside the Eaton Village Store because he might stumble and accidentally discharge his gun and injure a Waukeela camper purchasing an ice cream (seriously Justin).

Senility aside, when idiocy is spewed in a public forum, it is incumbent upon greater intellects to set the record straight. Can you see, it is sometimes possible that a Catholic priest abuses his station and fondles a choirboy? This does not mean that all Catholic priests are pedophiles. But, when the sexual abuse cases number in the hundreds or thousands, across the decades and across the globe, and when the highest echelons of the Church hierarchy cover it up, we call it a systemic problem.

Now, I like the police and I think they are an indispensable part of our community. In years past, our business has financially supported State Police related programs.

Even as we support police locally, it is also possible to see that in certain parts of the country we've got a problem with police gunning down Black people. Why? Because the bodycam footage paints an absolutely damning portrait of wonton abuse. As with Catholic priests, we need to make sure that police do not abuse their position of power. We want police around, to protect and serve, but never to abuse their authority to the detriment of the public.

Quddus Snyder


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People need to realize that no 2 police departments are the same. There are 17000+ police agencies in the country. While more and more are achieving accreditation standards, they all have their own 'culture' and levels of professionalism. Even if all were fully professionalized with the latest tech and policies, there are still 700,000 + police individuals. With over 10 million arrests each year. Bound to be a few bad apples, and in the case of decisions made in seconds, bad calls. Doctors kill far more people each year through mistakes. By far. There is no war on doctors.


You're one to talk of "abusing power." You found yourself with access to the six inch soapbox that is the Daily Sun's op-ed section and you're here writing inflammatory, ad hominem-laced trash three times a week.


”Even as we support police locally, it is also possible to see that in certain parts of the country we've got a problem with police gunning down Black people.”

So says our resident expert in just about everything. Or at least has no qualms about letting all of us know about his superior intellect, on a fairly regular basis.

How about contemplating this Q:

There are high crime areas so distant from the idyllic environs of the Valley that if you were to spend even several hours there, in a squad car or on foot patrol, you might get some idea of what is actually happening in those, “certain parts of the country”. Because I can say, with absolute certainty, you my friend, have no idea about what you are talking about.

And just as a matter of fact, [You know, those inconvenient truths that the FBI keeps and are publicly available for all to see.] your assertions that Blacks are being wantonly gunned down by Police with reckless abandon, is a total and complete statistical myth. Even if it doesn’t align with your cherished false narrative.

And if that isn’t enough, maybe you should go through some of the training that every certified Police Officer has to go through and see how you fare, and what you think afterward.

Because until you go through the training, strap on a weapon, wear a badge and pull several midnight tours, in one of these “certain parts of the country”, you really don’t know what you are talking about.

And lastly, with the hundreds of thousands of Police body-cams out there, why not talk about the footage that shows Police being shot out, ambushed, run over, or otherwise attacked. Or, saving perfect stranger’s lives, delivering babies, performing medical assistance, responding to disasters, and otherwise assisting the public while their families wait for them to come home safely each day.

Just a suggestion…

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