To the editor:

There is a reason medical personnel across the land call motorcycles “donorcycles.” The majority of head trauma cases they typically see involve unbelted car drivers and unhelmeted riders.

The “right” to live free or die is not a mandate to demand that society pay for the results of dangerous activity. Whether or not the seven dead riders “made their choice,” I doubt it was the EMTs’ choice to have to respond to that debacle, nor was it the highway workers’ choice to clean up.

I want to drive 90 mph whenever I deem it safe (after all, I have seatbelts and airbags), so should I be allowed to?

I’ll bet the majority of the people wishing to “live free” have brought more lives into this overcrowded world, as so many others have that bemoan the lack of freedoms and the constant addition of more regulations to our lives. What did you think was going to happen?

Wait till you see the difference in “freedoms” after we double the population again, as we have since I was a child.

Helmets will be the least of your worries.

Peter Huston

Hiram, Maine

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