To the editor:

As you may know, every year there is an event in North Conway that involves a train ride and a visit to the “North Pole” for children and families. The tickets are incredibly expensive, but I’ve heard it’s wonderful.

Unfortunately, this year they have chosen not to run, which I respect. However, they are not offering refunds.

This is outrageous as the state of New Hampshire is not shut down, so they made this decision on their own.

When you bought the tickets there was a disclaimer that if they were forced to shut down you would receive a voucher. This does not apply, as not only were they not forced, they never even began operating.

Keeping people’s money for years is bad faith and honestly it feels like it was a scam to get money from the beginning. Their Facebook page has blown up with people saying they are going to start a class action lawsuit, etc.

If this could get some media attention, they may be forced to do the right thing and give struggling families their money back.

Paul Powers


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That’s true. How were they forced to close when the Hobo railroad was up and running down the street. Letting people purchase tickets the day before they were “forced” to close is dishonest because they knew what they were doing. People have no idea what their lives are going to be like in 1 to 2 years. They took hundreds from families. In my case they took 535 from my 75 year old mother who wanted to experience this with her grandchildren.

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