To the editor:

If one of my parents or grandparents were in a nursing home, obviously with reduced immunity either from age or a medical condition, or both, I am sure their chances of survival would increase if the workers there were vaccinated. Who among us would not want that for their loved ones?

Is it more important that some anti-vaxxers, some of whom value their personal freedom over the health of their community, keep their jobs?

I say, their values are misplaced and wrong if they desire the benefits (like a job) that a community, a civil society, offers them in return for being a little less selfish.

I say, fire them and replace them with more civic-minded, altruistic people, even if they need on the job training, even if, God forbid, it cost a little more in taxes. Aren’t those the kind of people you would want caring for your parents?

Paul Drucker

Denmark, Maine

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Whether you are for vaccine mandates or not, I think the biggest reason we have the anti-vax movement is due to the fact that people may be afraid of possible permanent adverse reactions and not being able to hold their employers or the pharmaceutical companies liable. At least when I was in the military, if I had an adverse reaction to any vaccine, including Anthrax and Smallpox, I had the ability to file for compensation after leaving active duty. I'm not saying that these vaccines are not safe and effective, but there are people who are physically sensitive to certain vaccines, and without the reassurance that they will be taken care of by the government or their employer if they become medically disabled, they will be against taking something if they're not compensated for it. Between disinformation from the social media platforms and political push with these vaccines, it drives uncertain people away from wanting to get vaccinated all together. If we fire or terminate folks who work in nursing homes, hospitals, and even correctional facilities for not getting vaccinated, it will be very difficult to refill those vital positions. Working in a nursing home and other facilities is no easy task. Folks looking for employment are not going to sign up for these jobs that require long hours and so forth. We have to be careful what we demand from others. Because with places being short-staffed, it will effect the quality and care that the elderly deserve. If only the vaccinated are employed at nursing homes, and the staffing ratio to patients has greatly diminished, I would be worried that staff would cut corners and the quality of care would greatly decrease. The damage is already done at this point. We've drawn the line between vaxxed and the un-vaxxed. But people have to understand who are for being vaccinated to work in nursing homes, that this will not improve the safety and care for the elderly at all.

Scott Shallcross

Absurd comparisons to 1930's and 40's Germany. Amazing and dismal that individuals unintentionally announce incompetent and dangerous thought..bottom line: unvaccinated individuals should not be working in nursing homes, hospitals, public transportation positions etc.


Please explain how the "Unvaccinated" is a danger to the "Vaccinated".

Aren't the "Vaccinated" protected?

And explain why natural immunity has been ruled out.


Never heard of break-through cases? The vaccine isn't 100% effective.


I completely agree. Regardless of whether someone is an anti-vaxxer or not, regardless of what someone thinks about the threat COVID poses, the one thing I have never seen people on either side of the aisle disagree about is that COVID is serious and a real danger if you are elderly and immuno-compromised. Which is why it absolutely blows my mind when nurses and staff who work in retirement communities and interact with sick and elderly people on a daily basis refuse to get vaccinated. Is it your choice whether or not you get vaccinated? Sure, knock yourself out. Do you have the right to keep working in a care facility where you'll regularly be putting vulnerable patients in danger because you refuse to get vaccinated? No, you don't. If you work in a care facility and you don't want to get vaccinated then you should show yourself the door instead of being a selfish jerk.


You do realize that the same "heroes" that you all exalted a year ago most likely have immunity due to their exposure to Covid correct? These are the same people who put their lives on the line that you would casually discard, you callous coward. You haven't even suggested an antibody test.


“I say, their values are misplaced and wrong if they desire the benefits (like a job) that a community, a civil society, offers them in return for being a little less selfish. I say, fire them and replace them with more civic-minded, altruistic people…”

Wow! Let’s see, who does that sound like? Let's think, 1930’s & 40’s Germany maybe? Or, the “Enemies of the State” in Communist Russia? Or, the CCP’s “Bandits”?

Why not just put yellow stars on those that don’t think the “Vaccine” is necessary due to actual REAL IMMUNITY, or religious objections (remember the Constitution), or medical concerns (Doctor’s advice)?

How about “re-education centers”, or “holding facilities”? Oh wait, Canada and Australia are doing that already.

Where does it end once we hand over our God-given human rights, or suspend our Constitutional Rights to a government in the name of “The common good” or a “Health Emergency Declaration”?

Why not make Health Emergency Declarations for “Climate Change”, “Gun Control”, “Social Justice & Equity” or any other perceived public danger or political agenda?

Whatever happened to other forms of treatment & therapies, research & development for a real vaccine, or actual immunity?

And why is the real statistical data on who is most impacted or in danger being suppressed or misrepresented?


You are completely ignoring the point of the letter. He's saying that you shouldn't be working in an elder care facility if you don't want to get vaccinated because you are putting the ELDERS in danger, not yourself. Are you suggesting a 90 year old immuno-compromised patient should get COVID and die because some baby boomer nurse doesn't want to get vaccinated? Work on your reading comprehension you petulant infant.

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